10 CPG Redesigns Recognized for Their Impact on Brand Growth

The 2023 Designalytics Effectiveness Awards Showcase CPG Brands Whose Package Redesigns Sparked Sales Increases

CHICAGO, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, ten consumer-packaged-goods brands were named winners of the fourth-annual Designalytics Effectiveness Awards, demonstrating the immense power of package design to drive brand growth.

Unlike traditional design competitions, the selection process for the Designalytics Effectiveness Awards is entirely data-driven—based on in-market sales performance and robust quantitative consumer testing of each redesign.* This year, hundreds of package redesigns launched in the U.S. from July 2020 to September 2022 were considered.

“More CPG brands are realizing the direct relationship between design performance and sales results—in essence, that design can have a positive or negative impact depending on how consumer-centric the creative process is,” said Steve Lamoureux, CEO and founder of Designalytics. “These awards showcase brands doing it right: taking a strategic approach, partnering with first-rate creative talent, and giving consumers a seat at the table throughout.”

Common themes contributing to these brands’ success include:

  • Starting smart—setting clear goals on what the brand hopes to achieve with a redesign and why
  • Iterating with objective feedback—exploring different creative approaches and refining them based on objective consumer feedback
  • Punching up taste imagery—food and beverage brands that leverage tastier product, flavor, or ingredient imagery reliably perform better
  • Saying important things better—perceptive brands recognize the importance of deftly communicating what’s objectively important to consumers

Meet the winning brands

This year’s winners hail from the food, beverage, and personal-care categories. See the complete Designalytics Effectiveness Award Winners list and download the full report.

Basil Hayden
Manufacturer: Beam Suntory
Agency: Design Bridge and Partners
This classic Kentucky bourbon’s redesign shed its old-world feel while upgrading its iconic metal belt, garnering a 15% increase in sales.

Manufacturer: Yasso (acquired by Unilever earlier this year)
Agency: Stone Strategy & Design
The frozen-treat brand used bolder branding and punched-up photography to create an effective redesign that helped increase sales by 44%.

Manufacturer: Malk Organics
Agency: Riser
The plant-based milk brand made smart, strategic changes to clarify its key benefits and saw an impressive 56% increase in sales, far outpacing the category growth rate of 8%.

Suave Kids
Manufacturer: Yellow Wood Partners
Agency: 1HQ
The popular personal-care brand utilized colorful 3D characters to boost the fun factor for kids and saw sales grow by 11%.

Manufacturer: Froneri International
Agency: Chase Design Group
The beloved ice cream brand created a fresh-yet-familiar new design that helped boost sales by 6% and prompted a share surge of 1.6 points. 

Hot Pockets
Manufacturer: Nestlé
Agency: Interact Brands
The popular microwaveable snack brand appealed to teens and parents with its appetizing new design, boosting sales by 39%.

Manufacturer: Bloom Nutrition
Agency: Riser
This challenger brand in the supplement space added a more recognizable logo and fun flavor cues, contributing to a remarkable 288% jump in sales.

Manufacturer: FitJoy Foods
Agency: Moxie Sozo
This better-for-you snack brand reinvented its packaging to increase brand awareness and flaunt its fun side, growing sales by 57%.

Jovial Foods
Manufacturer: Jovial Foods
Agency: Truly Creative
This maker of authentic gluten-free and grain-free Italian foods modified its information hierarchy and increased appetite appeal, growing sales by 27%.

Funky Buddha
Manufacturer: Funky Buddha Brewing
Agency: Moxie Sozo
This Florida-based craft brewer’s colorful and quirky redesign helped boost sales by 6.7% in a category that decreased by 8.5%.

About Designalytics

Designalytics provides the industry’s first system for maximizing brand growth through the power of package design by injecting valuable consumer feedback at key points throughout the creative process. For more information, visit designalytics.com.

*Results based on sales data; post-redesign sales were compared to sales from same period duri prior year.

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