Absolute Labs Launches on Google Cloud Marketplace

Absolute Labs joins forces with Google Cloud to help brands accelerate their Web3 strategies and generate new revenue streams with access to 700+ million wallet prospects and customers.

Utilizing Absolute Labs Web3 CRM products, marketers can gain essential Web3 insights, unify Web2 and Web3 data and automate cross-channel initiatives. The platform orchestrates wallet-first campaigns with integrated wallet messaging and airdropping as well as email, Discord, Twitter, push and SMS.

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Absolute Labs, the leader in Web3 CRM and marketing, today announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace – providing thousands of businesses with the first Wallet Relationship Management™ (WRM™) platform, while offering them the ability to offset subscription costs against their Google Cloud spending commitments.

“Having Google Cloud as a partner and being included in the Google Cloud Marketplace validates that leading companies are recognizing Web3’s increasingly pivotal role in building and executing their marketing strategies, while significantly advancing our mission to accelerate Web3 adoption,” says Absolute Labs CEO and co-founder, Samir Addamine. “We’re excited to be a vetted partner on Google Cloud Marketplace, so that its users can easily integrate the solution and quickly realize its contribution to revenue growth, improved customer retention, new loyalty paradigms and more.”

Absolute Labs is also leveraging Google Cloud’s generative AI platform, Vertex AI, which combined with its proprietary blockchain data platform allows companies to leverage 700M+ wallet profiles to automatically find the ideal audiences for any marketing effort and automate real-time interactions. Using generative AI, customers will be able to make sense of blockchain signals and leverage the Absolute Labs platform intuitively.

“Bringing Absolute Labs to Google Cloud Marketplace will help customers quickly deploy and manage its Wallet Relationship Management Platform on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud. “Absolute Labs can now securely scale and support customers on their digital transformation journeys.”

For companies seeking to onboard a Web3 CRM and marketing automation platform, the new Absolute Labs listing on Google Cloud Marketplace presents significant cost savings via offset billing, and a more frictionless procurement process to speed up time-to-value. Moreover, in subscribing to Absolute Labs on Google Cloud Marketplace, Google Cloud customers will also benefit from consolidated billing, as subscription fees will appear directly on their Google Cloud invoices.

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About Absolute Labs:
Absolute Labs, founded in 2021, is a Web3 CRM software-as-a-service (SaaS) company based in San Francisco, CA. The company’s absolute WRM™ platform is the first purpose-built, comprehensive wallet relationship management solution. WRM™ helps brands, protocols, exchanges, DeFi projects, NFT marketplaces and others transition and accelerate how they analyze, identify, nurture and engage users and prospects throughout the Web3 ecosystem (including NFT airdrops, social communities such as Discord and Telegram, and integration of “traditional” channels such as email). Find out more at https://www.absolutelabs.io

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