Adsonica and Aqfer Introduce Audio Analytics for the Display Networks

WELLESLEY, Mass., May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Adsonica®, the leading audio display advertising solution, officially announced today the availability of audio analytics powered by Aqfer, a world-class enterprise data platform provider.

Adsonica’s display ads combine audio and image in a single image file, without video, coding, or multiple file management. Audio ads, including Adsonica’s audio display ads, are beginning to face the same scrutiny as other digital ad formats. But until now, data-centric advertisers have not been able to measure the audio environment via non-video display ads.

Adsonica’s partnership with Aqfer will bring the Media Rating Council’s “Audibility” standard for digital audio measurement to the vast reach of the display networks. As well as tracking Audibility Rate, Adsonica’s audio display advertisers can measure Listen Rate, Listen-Through Rate, Engagement Rate, Clicks, Click-Through Rate and Impressions.

Adsonica’s advertisers can access the aforementioned metrics through a client-facing Amazon Quicksight dashboard, enabling them to seamlessly analyze and visualize the power of audio in achieving their ad engagement and brand awareness goals, representing a significant milestone in the growth of the digital audio ecosystem.

Maximizing Audio Advertising Performance 
“I’m very excited to be working with Aqfer to deliver the data our clients need to maximize the performance of their audio display advertising” said William Agush, Founder & President of Adsonica. He continued, “After looking at several resources we selected Aqfer for their product, infrastructure and expandability. We expect to continuously add new ways to visualize the data.”

Marc Sabatini, Aqfer CRO said, “The partnership between Adsonica’s state of the art audio displays and Aqfer’s first party infrastructure will not only provide advertisers with an opportunity to interact with new audiences in a unique and effective way, it delivers on the transparency and measurement brands expect from their marketing partners. This combination offers true business intelligence for advertisers at scale and provides new insights into advertising interactions. We value the partnership with Adsonica and we look forward to continuing to drive results together.” 

About Adsonica
Adsonica developed and patented technology that combines image and non-image data into a single file for advertising and web development. Founded in 2012, the company originally deployed the technology in its Shuttersong® consumer photo application. The company’s investors and advisors include veterans of ad-tech, e-commerce, enterprise software and new media.

About Aqfer
Founded in March 2018, Aqfer offers the next generation enterprise Marketing Data Platform that enables companies to get to the truth about their customers and their data. Aqfer is purpose-built SaaS to solve for today’s big data marketing challenges with a focus on helping Agencies, MSP’s, and Systems Integrators deliver on those business outcomes. The company’s first party marketing software solutions are successfully implemented with a variety of ad-tech, mar-tech, and digital agencies.

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