Adsposure Announces New Transit Awards – Voting Open Now

CINCINNATI, Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adsposure is proud to announce the introduction of the 2021 Transit Awards to recognize the impressive campaigns and creatives that were used on transit media in 2021. Nominees have been selected and public voting begins today up until March 10, 2022.

Each year hundreds of gorgeous campaigns go live on the buses, benches, and shelters across the nine markets that Adsposure serves. Now Adsposure is recognizing some of the best examples with the new Transit Awards.

Adsposure put together four categories in each of its markets: Biggest Impact, Creativity, Community Awareness, and Eye-Level. Adsposure teams chose nominees based on ads that ran in 2021.

"This is our way of continuing to recognize those marketing teams, agencies, and local organizations that know how to leverage this unique outdoor advertising medium." Alex Souders, Adsposure Director of Marketing, said. "We really wanted to celebrate these campaigns even after they come to an end and find a way to get our communities involved as well."

The Transit Awards leveraged nominations from internal Adsposure staff and is now open to public voting on which campaigns should be awarded for each market.

  • The Biggest Impact Award highlights ads that get the most attention; fully wrapped buses, King Kongs and Portraits. These ads are the best option for clients looking to stand out in their market, ads no one can ignore.
  • The Creativity Award highlights ads that make best use of the space. Buses are a large canvas; they offer a lot of ability to be creative. These designs were created by either our designers based on client needs, or by the clients’ own design team all to take advantage of the unique benefits of a bus ad.
  • The Community Awareness Award highlights the work of Adsposure clients who use transit to help their communities. Transit ads reach everyone, and often reach the audiences that these PSAs would help the most.
  • The Eye-Level Award is all about stationary advertising. Buses may be the most standout mode of transit advertising, but they’re only one part of the picture. In many of our markets, static inventory plays an important part in the transit advertising sphere. This category highlights vibrant benches and shelters that make the most of that medium.

We have opened voting to anyone who wishes to participate. Voting can happen on our website at Pick the market you’d like to vote on, and you’ll be able to see every category for that market. Participants can vote once per category per day in every market, up until March 10, 2022. After which, Adsposure will Announce the final award winners for each market.

For more information about Adsposure, to learn about advertising opportunities in their 9 markets or to learn how to achieve untapped revenue opportunities for transit authorities, please visit

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Since 2003, Adsposure and its parent company, Advertising Vehicles, have been helping advertisers do more than simply stand out among media noise. Adsposure helps advertisers and ad agencies surpass marketing goals by increasing the frequency and reach of their Out of Home Advertising efforts and have helped transit authorities realize millions of dollars in untapped earning potential. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Adsposure has offices in Chicago, Des Moines, Fort Worth, Kansas City, Lexington, Nashville, and San Antonio.

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