AdTech Holding Dives into Dragon Boat Corporate Challenge in Cyprus

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On October 14th, the shores of Limassol buzzed with energy as AdTech Holding, a leading figure in advertising and MarTech, traditionally took part in the Dragon Boat Corporate Challenge where they eagerly participate every year. AdTech Holding is also an official sponsor of the Limassol Spartans club, the organizers of the event.

In this competition, the AdTech Holding team took second place for the small boat and third place for the big boat competition.

This event showcased AdTech Holding’s commitment to teamwork, their values, and dedication to fostering local ties.

A Cultural Phenomenon
Since its introduction to Cyprus in 2008, dragon boat racing has truly evolved, all due to the relentless work of the Cyprus Dragon Boat Federation and powerful teams like the Limassol Spartans, Limassol Dragons, and Cyprus Sharks.

The Dragon Boat Corporate Challenge has shown remarkable progress in this tradition in Cyprus.

Beyond the Boat: Branding and Dedication
AdTech Holding’s dedication was evident with a branded boat, radiant flags, distinct oars, branded paddles and specially designed uniforms. The shore was replete with their dedicated supporters.

Reflecting Core Values
The Dragon Boat Challenge was a reflection of unity, teamwork, and dedication to community, which are core values of their business.

“Success in Dragon Boat is based on the synergy of individual efforts. To prevail the team should be synchronized and focused, know the strategy, and act as one. At the same time, each person should give their 200% and be willing to advance their paddling technique. This principle is perfectly matching with one of Adtech Holding’s corporate values – developing together. We believe that helping each specialist grow will inevitably result in the company’s growth and success,” says Julia Larionova, Head of Marketing at PropellerAds.

Gratitude from the AdTech Community
With the Dragon Boat Corporate Challenge behind them, AdTech Holding expressed their gratitude to everyone who was part of the memorable day. They wanted everyone to experience the event’s energy and the sense of community it evoked.

About AdTech Holding:
Established in 2011, AdTech Holding stands at the center of advertising, affiliate marketing, and MarTech. Located in Limassol, Cyprus, the company is renowned for delivering pioneering technologies for the global MarTech industry. With a robust team of professionals and an innovative approach to data-driven solutions, AdTech Holding continues to lead and redefine industry standards.

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