After Shake-ups in the Hot Dog Biz, Cognito Forms Seeks Answer to Ultimate Summer Question

The enterprise platform wants America to weigh in on whether a hot dog is a sandwich

COLUMBIA, S.C., June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hold onto your buns, America! Cognito Forms, a premiere online form builder, has announced a national survey that’s set to solve one of the most heated debates since “the chicken or the egg”: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

This simple question has become a culinary conundrum, sparking fiery discussions across picnics, backyards and stadiums everywhere: Is this Fourth of July staple a bona fide member of the sandwich family, or does it stand alone in its unique, tubular glory?

The survey, designed to capture the sentiments of food lovers nationwide and a showcase of Cognito’s ability, wants to offer the nation some pre-Independence Day fun and a chance to weigh in. It asks participants to consider the essence of what makes a sandwich, probing both philosophical and practical aspects. Are the components crucial, or is it the configuration that counts?

“We help businesses create forms and workflows every day to make companies more efficient, but no one said that couldn’t also be fun,” said Cognito Forms CEO Jamie Thomas. “This year’s national hot dog eating contest recent shake-up proved the perfect time to settle this debate and invite the country to experience a Cognito Forms survey and a bit of summer excitement.”

The results will be revealed on July 3rd, just as all eyes are on who may steal this year’s hot dog eating crown. So, if you’ve got a bun in this race, be sure to cast your vote here:!

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