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INWOOD, N.Y., July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Albert Scott LLC proudly introduces the "License Product Service for Amazon" ("LPSA"). This unique service enables licensed product manufacturers to rapidly and consistently profit from selling licensed products on Amazon. This service can be used for existing licensed products or by investors to build new, winning licensed products. The possibilities are endless.

The Licensing Market Today

The consumer demand for licensed products is growing dramatically around the world. Pokemon, Super Mario, Paw Patrol, Bluey, Cocomelon, Blue’s Clues, Batman, Spider Man, Harry Potter, Space Jam 2 and Barbie licensed products are all showing strong sales worldwide.

Simultaneously, Amazon is showing year-over-year growth of 30%. It is becoming the "sales channel of choice" for the world’s shoppers. In particular, the Amazon sales platform offers licensed product manufacturers the opportunity to move product with dramatic profit margins.

The Amazon Advantage

In the licensing world, manufacturers need to consistently deliver winning products – often on a tight schedule, like a newly-released movie or another event. Amazon, the fourth largest company in the world will make a new product available to hundreds of millions of users – instantaneously. There are already many private sellers already profiting from the sale of licensed products on Amazon.

What Can Albert Scott Do for Licensed Products Sellers?

Albert Scott’s experts have the experience and technology to identify, create and sell differentiated, licensed products to the 300 million buyers on Amazon. They can identify products that will have significant buyer interest. Their research reports clearly lay out the competitive landscape avoiding products where there is already sales saturation or where there is product price domination by Amazon Vendor Central.

Albert Scott’s financial models can determine the retail price point necessary for a licensed product to become profitable, allowing for marketing costs, product storage, fulfillment fees and lost or damaged products.

Defining the Licensed Product Features

Albert Scott can recommend specific features and pricing that meets or exceeds the net profit margin desired by the seller. The company studies many sources, including Amazon Customer Reviews, to identify valuable features. They recommend cost-effective solutions for packaging that meets or exceeds the requirements of Amazon.

Product Presentation

Albert Scott has an independent division,, that has created Amazon listings for many thousands of products. The team creates world-class photography and graphics with copy that includes common search terms. The A+ Content (called "Extended Brand Content") created by the ListingBaby team is vibrant and exciting – and closes more sales.

The Listing Team has also created many Brand Stores on Amazon which can upsell buyers to purchase multiple licensed products.

Growing Licensed Product Revenue

Growing revenue for a licensed product requires sophisticated, cost-effective marketing. Albert Scott has several Pay-Per-Click marketing methodologies that work well for licensed products. As a licensed Amazon DSP client, they can bring in sales from across the web. Albert Scott also has many off-Amazon deal site relationships that easily deliver licensed product sales.

Inventory Management

Albert Scott’s proprietary inventory planning system guarantees that there is always enough inventory for Amazon – while avoiding storage fees for excess inventory. Their inventory system is critical for fourth-quarter sales when Amazon raises storage fees and a large percentage of licensed product sales happen.

License Commissions and End-of-Life Inventory

Albert Scott has an innovative approach to managing licensing fees for Amazon sales. They also have developed an attractive solution for helping to sell end-of-license products on Amazon.

About Albert Scott 
Albert Scott represents many of the world’s leading brands on and is expert at delivering sales for licensed products. Albert Scott provides world-class listing, marketing, and retail services for brands.

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