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LONDON, May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áThere is no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has been the epicenter of major industry changes around the globe regarding shopping habits online. The closing of many brick and mortar stores has created an increased demand from consumers to access goods and services online, equal to an increased need for businesses to successfully provide those goods and services in a highly competitive online marketplace. The UK’s pre-eminent Amazon PPC ads management and marketing services agency, Clear Ads Ltd., recently addressed the latest industry developments that have evolved in response to these pandemic shifts.

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The pandemic has been a strong force driving consumers to rely on the online marketplace. This force has created a very competitive situation where brand awareness has become critical. Uncertain times and financial difficulties have made shoppers more aware of where they are spending money. Amazon’s answer to helping sellers shift from focusing on sales to branding is Amazon’s Storefronts.

“Amazon Storefronts have been around for many years. Until recently, though, they’ve been more of a ‘nice to have’ rather than a strategic necessity, especially for smaller brands and sellers,” points out George Meressa, Clear Ads’ founder and CEO. “Now is the time for smaller brands and online sellers to pay more attention to Amazon selling features that can really help to drive business growth.”

Amazon Storefronts allows brands to build their own shoppable store through the Amazon platform. And at a time when brands are needing to do more with less, Storefronts is free for sellers that are a part of the Brand Registry Program. “The store is yours and yours alone. You can display all products that you offer through Amazon Marketplace, along with a whole host of other options, such as tailored content that tells your brand story, images and videos, plus deals and promotions,” Meressa adds.

The Amazon ads agency notes that consumers have reported that seeing the full line of products on a brand website heavily influences purchasing decisions. Storefronts enable sellers to give consumers a more direct experience without brands needing to explore individual e-commerce solutions independently.

Recent buyer shifts are expected to continue beyond the pandemic. Utilizing Storefronts as a marketing tool offers small brands several impactful benefits to help promote business success, including:

  • Maintaining brand focus
  • Increasing order value
  • Driving traffic from ads
  • Optimizing campaigns
  • Going responsive
  • Protecting brands

“With many advertising budgets having been cut in response to the global pandemic, free promotional options such as Storefronts are proving to be a highly attractive option for many sellers,” Meressa concludes.

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