Arctic Economic Boom: Cold-Weather States Ignite Job Growth

NationalBusinessCapital’s “Top U.S. States For Job Growth 2024” Study Reveals Snowy States Take the Lead in Jobs

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., Jan. 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The employment forecast is changing as cold-weather states turn up the heat on job opportunities in 2024. A just-released study by, the fintech lending platform for businesses, shows unexpected job growth in states like Minnesota, New Hampshire, and #1-ranked Alaska.

The analysis shows industries such as advanced manufacturing, resource extraction, and finance are turning these cold states into surprising hot-spots for high-wage employment. The Top U.S. States For Job Growth 2024report reveals job opportunities in these states are not just plentiful, they tend to come with higher wages, which often exceed the cost of living.

While cold states lead the charge, there’s still positive news all around for the U.S. With the exception of Mississippi and Rhode Island, which experienced a slight dip, employment surged across the board from 2022 to 2023, demonstrating a strong, continued demand for labor. The key question: will this robust growth last? The future is still uncertain as companies navigate the post-pandemic rebound and witness the rise of AI in workplaces.

The full study is available HERE:

Key Findings

  • Cold States Lead Job Surge: Alaska, Minnesota, Wyoming, and New Hampshire emerge as leaders in near-term job prospects. While the South has been a migration hotspot, the North is creating higher-paying jobs at an accelerated rate, relying on established industries.
  • Rise of Secondary Cities: In the ’90s and 00’s, employment opportunities appeared in major metropolitan areas. This report discovers, however, that job growth is surging in smaller markets  such as the Washington D. C. suburbs and Manchester, NH.  This marks a major departure from historical trends; now it’s fueled by remote workers seeking urban perks in states with a lower cost of living.
  • Weakest States/Unique Issues: There are no obvious commonalities among the states which ended up on the bottom of the list. States as varied as Hawaii, New York, and several states along the Mississippi all had unique issues. Many states were neither great gainers nor losers of population in recent years. 
  • Nationwide Job Growth: During the past year, employment surged in almost every state except Mississippi and Rhode Island. Although job creation rates varied, the overall trend reflected widespread growth.


#1.  Alaska
#2.  Maryland
#3.  Minnesota
#4.  New Hampshire
#5.  Wyoming
#6.  Georgia
#7.  Colorado
#8.  Delaware
#9.  Massachusetts
#10. Utah


#41. New York (Score: 32.7 out of 50)
#42. Mississippi (32.9)
#43. Alabama (34.4)
#44. Missouri (34.9)
#45. Hawaii (35.7)
#46. Arkansas (37.4)
#47. Kansas (37.5)
#48. Michigan (37.9)
#49. Iowa (38.1)
#50. Indiana (40.3)

“We were surprised to see job creation surging in colder states,” says Brian Chevalier-Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer, “If this trend continues, expect to see a lot more millionaires in Alaska.”

The five metrics researchers selected:
State Job Opening Rate (40%)
Annual Mean Salary (20%)
Change Nonfarm Employment (20%)
Employment Rate (10%)
Median Household Income (10%)

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