Austin Speck Leads Titan Brands as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Titan Brands, formerly known as Titan Manufacturing & Distribution, has appointed Austin Speck as Chief Executive Officer, propelling the company into a successful business chapter at the start of next year. Speck joined Titan Brands in 2019, with an earlier role as the Chief Growth Officer. His prior responsibilities accelerated Titan Brands’ growth to double its worth, paving the way for a stronger, more sustainable future. As CEO, Speck oversees the continued growth of the company, providing strategic business development direction and advancement, including collaboration with billion-dollar retailers across the United States that will expand Titan Brands’ footprint.

“He’s a visionary leader, who has been instrumental to the company’s success over the last year” states Russell Robinson, Owner and Founder of Titan Brands. “With a strong vision and passionate drive, he’s generated outstanding growth while propelling the company’s unique strategic position into new markets, many of whom can’t match at other corporations within their first year.”  

Speck’s ability to build successful organizations launched over a decade ago, with a proven track record in the financial sector. His experience in strategic analysis, sales, and marketing has showcased his abilities to execute profitable growth strategies while building and leading high-performing teams. His expertise and guidance has led to the creation of Titan Brands’ strategic roadmap, which will expand their footprint globally within the next five years.

“The opportunity to lead a company with no growth restraints is a dream come true” states Austin Speck. “Titan Brands does what it takes to far exceed what is perceived as normal growth compared to other e-commerce businesses, making us a big-name competitor in several industry markets.”

With consumer behavior evolving, more individuals are shopping online than ever before. Titan Brands has been in the online retail space for over two decades and has developed a solid foundation amongst many of its competitors. Speck plans to build on that foundation while accelerating its growth across all their brand lines, making themselves a national staple in the years to come.

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