Award Winning Voice Actor Pete Gustin Joins Lick the Plate Host David Boylan to Talk Food, Music and Overcoming Blindness to Become the Voice of Movie Trailers, TV Commercials and More

ENCINITAS, Calif., May 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lick the Plate the original culinary, culture and music feature in Detroit, Northern Michigan and San Diego is joined this week by Pete Gustin, one of the most recognizable voice actors in the business. Lick the Plate host David Boylan was connected with Pete through Brooks Venters, an editor for Lick the Plate and also a documentary filmmaker. He also recently produced “Finding a Way – The Story of the Blind Surfer” that tells the story of Pete Gustin and his quest to learn to surf while being legally blind.

Besides being a huge fan of Pete’s voice, Boylan was blown away by Pete’s perseverance and initiative to tackle a sport that is difficult enough for people with full vision. “Having been on the radio for 10 years now with Lick the Plate, I’ve met some amazing voice talent on the various stations where the show has aired. As a fan of great voices, now to be joined by one of the best…that award winning voice that is so recognizable, it was a big thrill for me. Talking one on one with Pete Gustin, especially in those Bose headphones, was a bit surreal. And to learn how he has accomplished so much while being legally blind was definitely inspirational.”

For Pete Gustin, who can be heard regularly on movie trailers and daily on TV and radio stations all over the country, Lick the Plate provided a unique challenge and opportunity. Telling his story through the five, two-minute segments format was new to him, but a good opportunity to present himself in short form content. “First off I was drawn to the unique angle Lick the Plate takes by having their guests tell their stories through food and music experiences. Thinking back to some memorable concerts and meals was fun. The way David paces the show and his conversational manner of conducting an interview made it easy…though I did have to be tapped on the shoulder several times by Brooks – which was our wrap it up signal. It was definitely a fun experience and different from most conventional interviews.”

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About Lick the Plate
Lick the Plate host David Boylan has interviewed over 900 culinary personalities over the past 12 years. Boylan launched Lick the Plate as a column in the Coast News in Encinitas, California where it still runs and has contributed to Edible San Diego. His on-air and podcast presence began on 102.1 KPRI in San Diego in 2011, then in 2014 moved to the Entercom group of stations in San Diego that include KSON, FM94/9, and Sunny 98.1. In 2015 the show expanded to 93.9 The River (now 93.9 Virgin Radio) in Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. In 2017 it launched in northern Michigan on, a part of MyNorth Media in Traverse City, Michigan along with airing on KLT The Rock Station (97.5 and 98.9) and Music Radio The Fox FM (94.3 and 92.5). It currently airs on 106.3 WQON out of Traverse City. In San Diego, the show now airs on 101.5 KGB and The Mightier 1090 AM. Its unique format includes a plethora of guests from the culinary, culture and music worlds and tells their story through adventures in food and music. The show is produced by Quinn Boylan and edited by Brooks Venters. More at

About Pete Gustin
Pete is a two-time winner of the SOVAS Voice Arts Award for Outstanding Movie Trailer Voice Over of the Year, winner of the SOVAS award for Outstanding TV Promo of the Year, and a four-time winner of the Benztown Top 50 Radio Imaging Voices award. He has appeared in two Super Bowl commercials, been on nearly every popular television network in America, and on hundreds of radio stations in the U.S. and around the world. Pete is also the exclusive voice of Fox News.

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