Black Female Marketing Strategist Creates a Virtual Concert Experience for Artists with Over 1.5 Million Viewers

ATLANTA, March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Artists looking for a complete virtual experience have a new and improved way to draw in audiences from around the globe with The newly improved channel, whose primary focus is allocated to Christian and Gospel artists, aims to provide a virtual experience complete with 1.5 million viewers for artists who have experienced a substantial decline in actual engagement with supporters and fans alike, due to COVID19 and safety precautions.

For some artists, virtual touring and performances have been a bit tumultuous. These artists have families, responsibilities, and now the task of establishing new opportunities. With all that goes into establishing a viable career, it’s a shame to lose out on the prospect of relationships that come from getting to know your fans along with networking opportunities afforded to artist who normally tour, said Veleka B. founder, and CEO of the platform.

“This is what motivated me to relaunch Set Apart and Chosen. Over the past year we have experienced some of the hardest times known to our generation; listening to music is entertaining, and research suggests that the psychological effects of music can be powerful. Music therapy is an intervention sometimes used to promote emotional health, helping patients cope with stress, while boosting their psychological well-being.

As we become more engaged with our new normal and the world’s technological advancements, more artists are choosing to create their own tour experience via MP4 conversion, to which Set Apart and Chosen will gladly add footage to their 24-hour channel, keeping visitors entertained for hours. “We want to explore the benefits of partnering with artists to help them share their music and tour experiences while also helping to monetize their social media platforms. And to that end the new collaboration between Facebook and Billboard offers artists the ability to capture both visual media growth and music video streams toward Billboard Chart consideration. 

Set Apart and Chosen serves Churches, Gospel Artists, and faith-based organizations who seek to inspire target audiences; equipping ministry leaders with marketing and social media skills to further their efforts in building the Kingdom.

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SOURCE Veleka B.