BPM-PR Firm Wins Grand Prize for Strategy of the Year Award by PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards

Boutique PR Firm Honored for Outstanding Strategy for Bellabeat Ivy Media Campaign

NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BPM-PR Firm, a leader in the PR and communications space, was awarded the Grand Prize for Strategy of the Year by PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards. PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards honor organizations and individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the field of content marketing and have made a significant impact on their industry. Winners represent an elite group of storytellers who know how to create content that stands out amongst the crowded media landscape. Their creative works have led to success for both their organizations and clients. The award spotlights BPM-PR Firm’s work on the Bellabeat media campaign, which enacted a gracefully layered media approach for their Bellabeat Ivy, a wearable wellness tracker designed specially for women, and its corresponding mobile app. BPM-PR Firm’s strategic vision resulted in a media campaign that generated over 195 media placements, not including television, with a total ad value estimate of over $34 million and a UVM (unique visitors per month) estimate of more than 3 million impressions. The 18-year-old boutique PR firm is known for crafting unique media messages that move the world by implementing innovative PR strategies and delivering unparalleled campaign results.

“We are thrilled to be awarded the Grand Prize for Strategy of the Year by PR Daily. This is a beautiful way for us to close out 2023,” states Monique Tatum, CEO of BPM-PR Firm. “We have seen phenomenal growth at approximately 150% year-over-year with no intention of slowing down. This award is a testament to our talented team’s hard work and dedication. It shows our commitment to delivering innovative and effective content marketing strategies that drive results for our clients.”

BPM-PR Firm’s winning strategy involved a comprehensive and integrated PR content marketing approach to increase brand visibility and engage target audiences. The team immediately took a strong stance within all PR messaging, sharing how the Bellabeat Ivy is a stunning wearable wellness tracker that also serves as a jewelry statement piece suitable for the fashion, lifestyle, and wellness media market. This approach positioned the Bellabeat Ivy as a device for a woman in every stage of her life, from the onset of her period through fertility planning, pregnancy, and menopause. This strategy enabled the team to saturate the news faster for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle segments on top of national news.

The effort included tactics like holiday gift guides, wellness guide inclusions, Olivia Culpo’s endorsement announcement for the Bellabeat Ivy causing a rapid rise to prominence in the news with whip-quick responses to issues like the overturn of Roe v. Wade and women’s data privacy concerns. BPM-PR also recruited OBGYN, endometriosis, fitness, and meditation experts to incorporate into the PR strategy, such as serving as Bellabeat Podcast guests, to provide quotes on nutrition, menstrual cycle stages, postpartum depression, sexual health, and overall wellness. These efforts culminated in BPM-PR Firm submitting the Bellabeat Ivy for their well-deserved award win as a TIME Best Invention for Wellness. The media campaign then strategically and successfully graduated to securing major technology media reviews in outlets like The Verge and Mashable.

“As a boutique PR firm, our work truly speaks for itself; however, I would be remiss if I did not also give credit to the fact we work with genuinely phenomenal clients. Bellabeat is a dynamic brand with top-tier products worthy of all the attention received within its media campaign. They are outstanding champions for women’s health,” continues Monique Tatum. “We love our clients and what we do within the PR realm, and it shows when you look at our clients in the media.”

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