Brandly’s Founder Sam Winsbury Has Built Over 50 Personal Brands for Founders and Executives – The Most Successful Ones All Had These Three Things

LONDON, May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recent data suggests 44% of a company’s market value is attributable to CEO reputation.

Building a personal brand is no longer an option. It’s a must. A quick start means quick money.

Consumers, customers, clients, investors and employees want to know the people behind the brands. People buy from people after all…

But in a world saturated in competitors each vying for an audience’s attention, how does someone stand out?

Here’s how:

1.  Positioning

There has never been more competition online. So how do people know what makes someone different if they don’t make it clear?

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Pick a specific group of people and speak only to them.

Companies must be different from everyone they’ve listened to before.

When someone clearly differentiates themselves from the competition, everything they say will have more impact.

2. Content. Content. Content.

How does a good brand leverage their expert positioning to build an audience? By sharing content.

Content is like a 24/7 salesperson. It can speak to more people in 24 hours than employees can in a year. It takes the audience from not knowing a brand exists to knowing, liking and trusting it.

Without high-quality content, the brand won’t be seen.

One of Brandly’s previous clients had incredible positioning (he’d built and sold 11 ecommerce stores, ran a successful agency and was one of the best SEOs in the UK). But he simply wasn’t posting content through his personal channels.

Within 90 days of posting content he increased his visibility by 1,139%…

3. Amplification

Anyone can build an okay personal brand with positioning and marketing. But to build a personal brand that screams credibility, has longevity and scales, it needs to be ‘amplified’.

See, consumers avoid advertising like the plague. But there’s another way to get in front of an audience at scale.

The best way to do that is to engage them with valuable content through media they’re already consuming – think podcasts, blogs, print publications.

Featuring on podcasts is the fastest, cheapest and most effective way to put a personal brand in front of a pre-built, targeted audience. It screams credibility.

Without amplification, an audience will plateau, or worse, dry up completely.

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