CEO Brian Gould Offers Helpful Advice to Health and Wellness Brands Expanding in the U.S.

Gould Offers Insights From Decades of Experience Combined With Cutting-Edge Knowledge of the Health and Wellness Industry

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Brian Gould is a veteran of the health and wellness world. He established himself in the industry for years before launching his marketing and distribution agency, TruLife Distribution. Now, Gould and his team focus on helping both international and domestic health and wellness companies scale through accelerated brand awareness and distribution in the largest market of them all: the United States.

Throughout his time serving his clients, Gould has seen trends come and go, from forest therapy to hyper-personal health roadmaps. Heading into 2024, Gould continues to have his finger on the pulse of consumer sentiment. Here are three key takeaways that he thinks health and wellness business owners either in or entering the U.S. market should keep in mind in the coming months:

  1. Empower consumers: “Consumers are well-informed,” Gould explains. “They know what they want. They aren’t looking for brands to give them basic health information. This isn’t just older, veteran adults, either. A recent survey showed that Gen Z’s top resolution for the year is staying healthy. They want clear solutions that empower their own health journey. From clean supplements to clear fitness routines, make sure you’re providing high-value offerings to targeted customer demographics this year.”
  2. Science-backed matters: “You can’t just say that your product is ‘science-backed’ anymore,” says Gould. “Everyone makes that claim. You must back up your label with evidence. What does the science say about your product? Is there a consensus? What facts prove your product is the best option? More than ever before, consumers are looking for the cold, hard evidence behind each health and fitness-focused product or service.”
  3. Longevity and preventative care are front and center: At TruLife, we’ve seen the trend toward healthy aging for years now,” Gould declares. “In 2024, it’s more important than ever. McKinsey and Company recently reported that a sizable majority of Americans are prioritizing longevity — and their investment in that area is rising each year. If you have preventative care products, which is common in health and wellness, you need to get those in the limelight.”

Gould and his team are excited for the coming year. They see 2024 as a period filled with potential. They are currently preparing to attend the ECRM Weight Management, Nutrition, and Vitamin Session at the end of February, where they expect to continue to cultivate their already excellent relationship with the major retailers in attendance. However, whether it’s through ECRM, a solid online presence, or a plethora of other marketing strategies, Gould continues to emphasize the above advice. For 2024, empowering consumers, emphasizing science, and focusing on preventative care will be the order of business.

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