ChatGPT Anniversary: Study Shows Old Job Mindset Prevails

MIDDLETOWN, Del., Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A year after ChatGPT’s dramatic entrance into the public sphere, Wahojobs conducted a study to understand how job seeker attitudes towards traditional remote roles have evolved. The study, utilizing Google Trends data, compares search patterns from the year before and after ChatGPT’s release, offering unique insights into the evolving job market.

The research focused on four hypotheses concerning the impact of AI on job seeker interests. Despite predictions of significant changes due to AI and automation, this study offers an alternative narrative on job-seeking behavior. The full report is available at

Key Findings:

  • Persistence in Traditional Roles: Contrary to expectations, traditional remote roles such as customer service, transcription, and data entry jobs saw increased interest, despite the potential risk of AI-induced obsolescence.
  • Stable Interest in Creative Fields: Despite AI’s encroachment into creative domains, the study found an overall increase in search interest for creative digital roles, contradicting the hypothesis of a decline due to AI impact.
  • Increased Interest in AI-Related Roles: Search interest in AI-related jobs like Prompt Engineering and AI Trainer surged significantly, confirming the hypothesis that AI advancements are cultivating interest in new AI-related roles.
  • Rise in AI Learning and Reskilling: A marked increase in search interest related to AI learning and reskilling was observed, indicating a growing awareness and readiness among job seekers for AI-driven future opportunities.

“Although AI has introduced new job opportunities, our findings suggest that traditional remote roles remain attractive to job seekers. This reveals a significant knowledge gap and a potential lack of preparedness for the future AI-driven job market,” said Danilo Godoy, founder and CEO of Wahojobs. “As the job landscape evolves, it’s imperative to address this gap through education and skill development, preparing job seekers for the exciting possibilities that AI brings to the workforce.”

The Wahojobs study paints a nuanced picture of a job market in transition, where traditional remote roles coexist with emerging AI-related opportunities. This continued interest in conventional online jobs, along with a growing curiosity in AI-related roles and education, highlights the complexity of the evolving job landscape.

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