Core and More Technologies Announces Overall 2020 Client Results – Shattering Prior Company Records

ASBURY PARK, N.J., Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Core and More Technologies, a Google Premier Partner and top tier Microsoft Advertising Partner, today announced their 2020 client results – exceeding expectations and shattering previous company milestones for brand exposure, engagement, pipeline contributions, and revenue growth.  As underscored by lower cost per conversion numbers, these results included increases in efficiency and spanned both paid and organic digital channels. 

Increases looked like the following: Overall 65% increase in clicks, 37% increase in impressions, 89% decrease in cost per click, a 35% increase in overall conversions, and a near 8% decrease in cost per conversion.  This was against a total 36% overall increase in total media expenditure. 

“While the numbers are phenomenal, our excitement is only half-hearted. On the ecommerce side of our business some of these gains resulted, at least in part, from the unfortunate set of circumstances brought about by COVID-19 lockdowns.” Said Andrew Young, CEO of Core and More Technologies. “Even the clients who are enjoying the uptake are taking pause and considering the potential for equally negative results for some strictly brick and mortar retailers.  That said, for some of the technology companies we are marketing for in the business-to-business world, their products and services are categorized under ‘critical infrastructure’ and hence our digital marketing assistance is something of an essential service. In some instances, we are seeing where our ad placements are creating awareness that results in procurement – which at the most granular level means a municipality has purchased a system used to save lives as a result of the brand exposure that we have created for that client.  The reward of knowing that we are directly helping communities in this way transcends financial compensation.”   

Over the course of 2020, Core and More Technologies has rolled out exciting new features for their clients. This includes world-class reporting capabilities and a simple-to-use interface that enables marketing managers to create crisp, clean and accurate on-demand reports.  Simple yet sophisticated call tracking capability across all digital channels, as well as form, chat and email tracking, make it easy to qualify new leads and assign dollar values to them.  All this, while streamlining closed revenue attribution when those prospects become clients – is also included and without investing in a pricey CRM system. 

This and other features, including full implementation and management of Google Local Service Ads, has led to the significant increases that the calendar year summary has revealed.  If not for the ability to easily quantify return on investment, their clients may not have had the willingness to boost their expenditures, which ultimately led to the performance increases as they have been reported.

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About Core and More Technologies: 

Core and More Technologies (CMT) has been operating since 2010.  Since that time, they have become renown as a top tier U.S. based digital advertising agency and the recipient of numerous industry awards. With headquarters in Asbury Park, NJ, they have been a Google Premier Partner for 6 years running and also a Microsoft Adverting Partner since 2018. 

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