Creative Director of ‘The Radio Agency’ Offers Insight into U.S. Consumer Behavior as Covid-19 Restrictions Begin to Lift: ‘Don’t Wait, Americans Are Ready to Spend – Now Is the Time to Advertise on the Radio’

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa., May 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mark Lipsky, CEO of The Radio Agency recently urged clients to increase their radio advertising presence and take advantage of the inevitable upswing in consumer spending as pandemic restrictions begin to ease. Communicating via his regular blog, Lipsky routinely leverages his extensive promotional and public relations experience to provide valuable marketing and advertising tips. The Radio Agency is a global marketing company that provides high quality, audio-only advertising via AM/FM, satellite radio, digital audio, and podcasts to generate increased sales and higher profits for its clients.

“Americans can’t wait to get back to life before Covid,” wrote Lipsky. “And that includes spending a sizeable chunk of all that money they haven’t been spending … Advertisers who get out in front of the post-Covid spending spree will be poised to capture a disproportionate share of consumer dollars by being top-of-mind when Americans decide it’s time to book that trip, buy that car, or renovate their homes. For radio advertisers, that means the time to lock in media schedules is now….”

Lipsky also pointed out that although AM/FM listening levels had dropped through the pandemic – a natural result of less people driving around in their cars – it was not a steep decline. And listenership was already beginning to bounce back toward pre-pandemic levels:

“Radio’s value is still strong, with complementary alternatives like Podcast sponsorships providing access to celebrity voices and endorsements at a fraction of the price of hiring those same celebrities directly to promote a brand … Beyond the prime Q2 retail season (Easter and Mother’s Day), radio advertising should be affordably priced – or even discounted – through the summer months. And as Americans in all 50 states venture out to enjoy the fresh air, they are ready and able to spend.”

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