Digiphy Announces $1.5 Million in New Funding to Help Brands Go Beyond the Label

Company started by Google, YouTube, and Disney ad-tech and marketing alums launches cutting-edge platform to enable brands to forge stronger connections with their customers centered around trust and transparency

LOS ANGELES, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Digiphy, a contextual marketing, commerce and traceability platform, today announced it has raised $1.5 million dollars from top global venture firms including, Gaingels, M13, Builders & Backers, EYRIR Ventures, Sify Ventures, among others. With this new funding, Digiphy will publicly launch its new cutting-edge platform to help brands go beyond the label and connect directly with their customers as they turn their product packages into interactive digital storytelling displays triggered by QR codes. 

"Brands have become accustomed to leveraging third-party data in the digital world to reach customers, but in this new post-cookie world, they’re being forced to rethink their engagement strategy," said Sarah Wagman Ellenbogen, CEO and Co-Founder of Digiphy. "We help brands meet customers where they are by delivering relevant, meaningful content, when it matters most. Our platform empowers brands to extend their product packaging into the digital realm to cultivate customer loyalty, foster trust, and increase sales."

Honored by Fast Company as part of their 2022 World Changing Ideas, Digiphy’s founders Sarah Wagman Ellenbogen, Oliver Luckett, Chris Scott, and Heida Helgadottir built the platform to help brands meet customers’ growing demand to learn more about the products they purchase, consume and bring into their homes. By bringing together their breadth of experience and knowledge from YouTube, Google, CAA, The Walt Disney Company, Niceland Seafood, and theAudience, and channeling it into Digiphy, they have created a cutting-edge, self-service, no-code, platform to unlock product traceability and enhanced storytelling for brands. Redefining the consumer and brand relationship, Digiphy gives brands real-time insight into engagement metrics, transforming their customer interactions.

In early pilots, the platform’s ability to deliver timely and useful information, from a brand’s story, to its provenance, to coupon codes, promotions, recipes, instruction manuals, traceability information and more, has attracted leading customers across food and beverage, restaurants, cannabis, fashion, beauty, and retail. Early customers using Digiphy are achieving a 10-20% conversion rate on engagement, as compared to the industry standard of 2-3%, and it has only just scratched the surface of what’s possible. Key integrations with Shopify, Google, Mailchimp, Ripe.io, and GS1 provide a first-of-its-kind solution centered around trust and transparency. 

"At True Story Foods, we believe the good goes way beyond the plate, but up until this point, it has been challenging to create an in-store experience that would allow potential customers to learn more about us and come along in our journey," said Valeria Fiorito, Marketing Executive at True Story Foods. "By adding Digiphy’s QR code technology to our packaging, we can now bring our mission of providing delicious, natural food, deeply rooted in values and ethical practices to life. It allows us to extend our packaging real estate in a dynamic way, engaging customers in our story directly from the grocery store aisle."

With traceability and verification at its core, Digiphy is set up to appeal to today’s mobile-first consumer and their growing demand for third-party verified product information. Brands can seamlessly incorporate supply chain traceability and claims verification blockchain data directly in the platform.

"With Digiphy, brands can continue to build consumer’s trust and confidence, leveraging our blockchain technology," noted Riccardo Accolla, Head of Innovation and Partnerships at Ripe.io. "Through this cutting-edge platform, consumers can now access, directly from their cell phones, transparent and reliable information on the journey, origins and quality of their food."

To learn more about Digiphy, and their new, always-on marketing and commerce platform, visit www.digiphy.it.

About Digiphy

Digiphy is a next-gen contextual marketing and commerce platform re-defining the consumer and brand experience. We elevate brand storytelling and deliver dynamic digital experiences from any physical product. By combining a QR builder with a suite of flexible content templates, and third-party traceability and verification data, Digiphy’s no-code solution enables brands to go beyond the label and forge stronger customer connections built on trust and transparency. In doing so, Digiphy helps validate customers’ purchasing decisions at critical moments of interest. With built-in analytics and reporting features, brands gain access to valuable customer data and insights to drive conversions, optimize content strategies, and increase engagement. To learn more, visit www.digiphy.it.

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