Digital Out of Home Media Owners Using Epicenter Experience’s The People Platform Will Deliver Brand Advertisers a Quantifiable Link Between In-Location Consumer Behavior and U.S. Consumer Spending in Q1 2022

BOSTON, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Epicenter Experience announces that the Digital Out of Home clients who have committed to The People Platform will be able to show brand advertisers the direct connection between consumer behavior and consumer spend. Using The People Platform mobility data to observe consumer behavior and in-location visitation, the brand client can combine the location transaction data via API to power the direct understanding of consumer spend at a device and location level. This is a capability that has been long awaited in the media and advertising industry. Digital Out of Home media owners are uniquely positioned to deliver this unprecedented value to brand advertisers as The People Platform: Behavioral Intelligence Suite can show the locations of their digital screens, the amount of time consumers spend viewing the on-screen content, and observe where these consumers visit post-exposure to determine advertising content attribution.

The People Platform has become the leader in Digital Out of Home measurement since Nielsen exited the market last year. Media owners are accustomed to using The People Platform data, as they have for the past four years, to provide brands with audience measurement reporting services. Now, leveraging The People Platform: Behavioral Intelligence Suite, these clients will be able to present the unique value of the Digital Out of Home and place-based media by showing brand advertisers where the devices went after engaging with content and how much time they spent at each location, which demonstrate brand consideration, as well as the purchase behavior that can be derived from inferential and explicit consumer data shared with The People Platform.

"Successful companies listen to the needs of their clients and do not push products on the customer. The collaboration with digital place-based media owners and brand advertisers enabled us to understand their respective needs and partner with the industry to design a more effective solution for measuring audiences in location," says Epicenter Experience CEO, Paul Krasinski. "However, through this collaborative process, we quickly identified an incredibly valuable and untapped market opportunity for our clients to tie together our consumer mobility and direct from consumer response data to the $15T in annual consumer spending in the United States. We knew that if we delivered this capability to the market, it would change the value proposition for the digital out of home market."

With over 300M devices monthly, 15M client locations and over 14B consumer visits, The People Platform presents a people-based consumer behavior solution that can articulate consumer spend at a national, state, market, county and zip code level, showing companies the value of various consumer segments and geographies on their brands. This is a fundamentally superior method for understanding consumer behavior and spend than the current impression-based approaches. The People Platform delivers more specific, quantifiable, and scale of consumer interactions.

About Epicenter Experience:
Epicenter Experience is an enterprise software company that was founded on two core principles – people are the epicenter and fuel of the economy and every experience a person has with a brand/organization has an impact on their life. The company values people as the platform and fuel for our economy and is committed to solving the global disconnect between consumers and companies. The People Platform, the company’s proprietary mobile technology, brings people and companies together to deliver the most comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and create enterprise value for our clients.

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