Digital PR Expert, Lisa Buyer Hosts the Biggest PR Mistakes Today and into the PR Metaverse

ORLANDO, Fla., May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ready to take the mystery out of digital PR and level up your publicity exposure using the latest trends and technology? Gain the superpowers of Social PR Secrets author and speaker, Lisa Buyer as she brings 20+ years of digital PR expertise to an exclusively produced free webinar on the Public Relations Perfect Mix to Avoid Blunders and Add the Ultimate PR Blend to your digital PR strategy available at a variety of times daily throughout the month of May. Sign up here:

What does the metaverse have to do with public relations?

“Lisa Buyer knows how to connect the PR, SEO, social media and technology dots, said Social VR expert Navah Berg, “She brings into public relations into the next computing platform in easy-edible bytes of actionable ways to extend the reach in today and tomorrow’s cluttered world of media.”

Recognizing that public relations can be eight times more credible than advertising, it’s more important than ever that those efforts are regularly evaluated and refined to ensure relevancy and reach.

[Webinar]Avoid PR Mistakes & Add the Ultimate PR Blend

In less than one hour you will learn:

  • Why are public relations more important than ever?
  • What is the right mindset to achieve maximum results?
  • What are the public relations superpowers of today that every brand needs?
  • What are the six biggest PR mistakes (and fixes)?

Lisa’s latest webinar takes a close look at the mistakes PR pros make and provides tips for resolving them. The content is suitable for all levels, from recent marketing grads to seasoned business leaders, and serves as both a crash course in modern PR as well as a great continuing education tool.

Connecting the PR, SEO and Social Media Dots in the Metaverse & Beyond

Lisa is an international speaker and subject matter expert in combining and optimizing PR, SEO and SMO. With a watchful eye on real-time industry trends and growth strategies, Lisa understands where PR is headed and what the future looks like for the industry.

This includes new developments within the metaverse through Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI.) With hundreds of webinars, live events, workshops, masterclasses, and speaking events under her belt, Lisa excels at connecting with brands of all sizes and producing easy-to-digest edible bytes of content. She has shared the stage with Google, Bing, and YouTube experts, making it her mission to teach today’s marketers, PR pros, and brands how to blend PR, SEO, and SMO with earned and paid media.

Ever wonder, “What’s working NOW in PR?”

The first three letters of WONder are NOW backwards. So, the question is, “What is working NOW in PR?” Take the WONder out and get in the kNOW with this first-time-ever free webinar where Lisa Buyer curates’ techniques for professionals to streamline their approach to PR for actionable results. Inside the webinar, you will find strategies to leverage PR to grow in your profession and increase your brand’s voice. A questionnaire will follow her presentation.  

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