DirectMail2.0 Partners with Flowcode’s Enterprise QR Code Platform to Further Enhance Direct Mail Reporting & Performance

CLEARWATER, Fla., June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DirectMail2.0, the Tampa Bay area-based omnichannel marketing firm, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Flowcode to natively integrate Flowcode’s QR code generation, customization and real-time reporting into the DirectMail2.0 platform. The move will give DirectMail2.0 users the option to integrate DM20’s native Flowcode functionality in their omnichannel campaigns, and will be available starting today.

“DirectMail2.0 strives to make direct mail more versatile and effective for all marketers and business owners in the omnichannel space, and that includes providing an excellent customer experience,” said DirectMail2.0 Co-Founder and CEO Brad Kugler. “Partnering with Flowcode to bring their technology into our platform will allow DirectMail2.0 users — many of whom already have Flowcode accounts — to access Flowcode features with their direct mail campaigns, conveniently, all in one place. Flowcode is a leader in the QR code space, and we want to provide our customers with the best experience possible.”

Flowcode made its mark in the marketing technology space by embedding enterprise-grade analytics and integrations behind their dynamic QR codes. Their QR can be changed and rerouted at any time, providing personalization and flexibility that greatly extends the lifetime use on printed material, allowing brands to minimize cost and maximize ROI.

“We are very pleased to have found a similarly forward-thinking and customer-focused partner in Brad Kugler and DirectMail2.0” said Flowcode CEO and Founder Tim Armstrong. “Both companies share a similar guiding purpose: to better connect the offline and online lives of customers and prospects to improve user experience and drive response.”

DirectMail2.0’s mission is to maximize omnichannel performance by integrating the latest mailing technology with real-time reporting and digital components to lift engagement and response. The DirectMail2.0 omnichannel ecosystem currently includes 15 features proven to lift response and ROI, including Flowcode, email follow up, targeted and geo-fenced digital ads, USPS mail tracking and Informed Delivery, personalized landing pages, de-anonymizing pixel technology, and more — all managed from a single dashboard that also reports real-time campaign results from online and offline campaign components alike. Through this robust omnichannel treatment, DirectMail2.0 users typically see a 25–50% lift in direct mail effectiveness compared to traditional direct mail alone.

Moving forward, DirectMail2.0 plans to bolster its commitment to improving direct mail response through AI and machine learning to better predict and enhance campaign results. With the recent acquisition of 40-year-old mailing institution Who’s Mailing What!, DirectMail2.0 has increased its AI-powered direct mail database to over 400,000 campaigns — over 1.1 billion mail pieces — that have been delivered to every household in America, scanned, cataloged, and measured for success. DirectMail2.0 expects this database, known as, to help advertisers save millions by helping them better model, design and target prospects and customers with greater direct mail insights. is currently scheduled for a Q3 beta release later this year.

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About DirectMail2.0:
DirectMail2.0 is a marketing automation platform that lifts direct mail response rates 25–50% through omnichannel marketing. Partnering with printers, direct mail service providers and agencies, DirectMail2.0 provides white-label add-on services that bring direct mail into the 21st Century with a suite of 15 integrations that blend seamlessly with the printed piece to increase return on investment, prove campaign attribution, and attract new print business. DirectMail2.0 has been featured in Forbes, Printing News, Yahoo! Finance, and has been featured three times on the Inc. 5000 list. Visit for more information and to request a free demo.

About Flowcode:
Flowcode is an omnichannel conversion platform built to help brands frictionlessly convert fans. With industry-leading QR technology, data capture, and privacy compliance, Flowcode improves 70% of the fortune 1000’s acquisition funnel – enhancing both customer experience and business performance. Founded by the former CEO of AOL and President of Google Americas, they are a team of experienced executives, startup founders, engineers, scientists, artists, and designers – who are all consumer, customer, and data-obsessed.

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