Epicenter Experience Announces Behavioral Intelligence Suite That Delivers an Unparalleled Understanding of Consumer Behavior to Reimagine the Consumer-Company Relationship

BOSTON, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Boston-based enterprise technology company, Epicenter Experience, creators of The People Platform, announces the launch of its Behavioral Intelligence Suite. The proprietary analytics and artificial intelligence services are the next advancement in the company’s crusade to transform the ability for all companies to directly connect with consumers to understand consumer consideration and purchase behavior with more specificity.

The People Platform: Behavioral Intelligence Suite leverages tightly integrated mobility data, in-location services, and direct from consumer response capabilities to power AI-infused analytics for companies and brands. Through this comprehensive service, brands and companies will create enterprise value by deeply understanding consumer behavior, brand consideration, and ultimately purchase attribution.

Consumer spending in the U.S. is forecasted to reach $15T in 2021, nearly 70% of GDP. As a result, a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior has become the top strategic priority and critical success factor for every company operating in our economy. Access to consumer data has become even more imperative in a post COVID-19 environment, where consumer behavior has fundamentally shifted, posing new challenges as well as new opportunities for all companies who can effectively analyze consumer data and personalize interactions.

The People Platform’s unique approach to interpreting consumer behavior empowers companies to finally quantify and analyze U.S. consumer spending at a specific time, location, and transaction level.

The technology, offering an ever-growing ecosystem of 300M consumer devices, 15M client locations and 14B+ consumer visits to locations, has already been widely adopted and delivered quantifiable value to over 40 companies, representing 13 industries. Further, the high-value consumer behavior data set is actively being integrated with the leading advertising systems where media investments are transacted. This initiative will make The People Platform’s data universally available, and the Behavioral Intelligence Suite will make the data actionable for clients to understand and connect with consumers in a more meaningful way.

"Our team is fully committed to addressing the explicit demand by all global brands to understand consumer behavior and spending decision making." says Paul Krasinski, CEO and co-founder of Epicenter Experience. "The People Platform and our Consumers as a Service (CaaS) approach was our first step, and The Behavioral Intelligence Suite is our second, representing a Blue Ocean opportunity for all companies to differentiate their product offerings, create new demand for their services, and open up new market spaces that will inevitably result in enterprise value creation."

About Epicenter Experience:
Epicenter Experience is an enterprise software company that was founded on two core principles – people are the epicenter and fuel of the economy and every experience a person has with a brand/organization has an impact on their life. The company values people as the platform and fuel for our economy and is committed to solving the global disconnect between consumers and companies. The People Platform, the company’s proprietary mobile technology, brings people and companies together to deliver the most comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and create enterprise value for our clients.

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