Equal Opportunity Schools Unveils Urgent ‘Positive Relationships’ Report Aimed at Helping U.S. Students Succeed in Psychologically Unsafe Environments

The new report, part two of EOS’ previously released Psychological Safety Report, explores three core ways that positive relationships – particularly among students and mentors or trusted adults – serve as a protective factor for students in psychologically unsafe environments.

WASHINGTON, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring equitable access to advanced academic opportunities for all students, is proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated Positive Relationships Report, conducted by Dr. Erin Bogan, Senior Director of Impact and Research at EOS.

Building upon the impactful insights of Dr. Bogan’s previous Psychological Safety Report, which was released last year to acclaim, the Positive Relationships Report delves even deeper into understanding the dynamics of psychologically unsafe environments for students, and how they are successfully navigated via the support of the positive relationships students have in their lives. The report explores the crucial role of these positive relationships as protective factors within scholastic environments, shedding light on pathways toward fostering safer and more supportive educational spaces.

The research, born from EOS’s commitment to promoting inclusivity and well-being within educational settings, offers a much-needed examination of the intricate interplay between interpersonal connections and student well-being. By uncovering the pivotal role of positive relationships in mitigating the adverse effects of psychological unsafety, Dr. Bogan’s research equips educators, administrators, and policymakers with invaluable insights to cultivate nurturing and empowering school environments for all learners.

Commenting on the release of the Positive Relationships Report, Dr. Bogan emphasized its significance in the pursuit of educational equity: “In environments where students feel psychologically unsafe, positive relationships serve as beacons of hope and resilience. Our research underscores the transformative potential of fostering supportive connections within educational communities, amplifying opportunities for all students to thrive.”

As part of EOS’s ongoing commitment to knowledge dissemination and advocacy for equitable education, the Positive Relationships Report will be made widely accessible to educators, researchers, and stakeholders across the educational landscape. Through this dissemination, EOS aims to spark meaningful dialogue, inspire actionable change, and drive collective efforts toward building more inclusive and affirming learning environments for every student.

To learn more about the Positive Relationships Report and access its findings, please visit here. 

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Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that students of all backgrounds have equitable access to advanced academic opportunities. By partnering with schools and districts across the United States, EOS works to identify and support underrepresented students who have the potential to succeed in challenging coursework, fostering a culture of excellence and inclusivity within educational communities. Learn more at www.eoschools.org.

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