Following a 200% Increase in Nationwide Layoffs, PostcardMania Pledges to Help Small Businesses Hire 10,000 Employees in 2024

CLEARWATER, Fla., Nov. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania, the $97 million marketing technology firm with over 360 staff, is pledging to assist American small businesses hire 10,000 staff in 2024 following mounting layoffs nationwide. PostcardMania has a proven track record of providing effective marketing services through direct mail-led campaigns that generate leads, revenue and pave the way for expansion, and plans to expand these efforts in the coming year.

Forbes reported that layoffs are up almost 200% in 2023. In the first nine months of this year, there were about 605,000 layoffs, which is a 198% increase from 2021, as well as the worst consecutive string of reported layoffs since 2020. Experts also project that initial jobless claims will rise over the coming weeks to a level between 250,000 and 300,000.

The increases in nationwide layoffs only fuels PostcardMania’s passion to help small businesses increase annual revenue, grow, and consequently hire more talent.

Historically, small businesses (as opposed to larger companies with easier access to capital) need more assistance with their marketing strategies in order to be competitive. Small businesses are the ones in the everyday trenches, grinding through and creating real jobs and value in their local communities regardless of interest rates or the state of venture capital funding. PostcardMania’s long-standing purpose is to help these hard-working businesses, and its marketing services have been centered on spurring small business growth for 25 years. These solutions range from full online and offline campaign integration, hands-off direct mail automations that allow businesses to rack up valuable offline impressions without additional workload, and robust real-time campaign tracking to ensure optimal performance and response.

“Small businesses are the engine of the American economy and have the ability to affect massive change on a large scale,” PostcardMania Founder/CEO Joy Gendusa said. “There are more than 30 million small businesses, and if only 20% added one single job, it would add 6 million jobs to the workforce. In response, PostcardMania is going to help hire 10,000 workers through effective marketing campaigns.”

PostcardMania has been uniquely focused on generating real results for small to medium sized businesses since 2005, with an entire department devoted to tracking and publishing the details and results of successful campaigns. Collected results are shared with prospects and clientele, making them more likely to see similar results — shortcutting what is often a costly trial and error process.

Great American Art, for example, shared their success with PostcardMania. Owner Anne Strickland said, “Right now, our sales are up 50% over last year and about every 12-16 weeks, we’re seeing a 40% [sales] increase…. We have more reaches coming in than we can handle and we are hiring.”

Another small business owner, Dakota Compton of Core Aeration Lawn Services, also experienced success following his PostcardMania-led campaign, saying, “We’ve obviously brought in a lot more business. We’ve had to hire new people. We have to bring on more trucks. And we’re also going to do more marketing because it’s been so successful.”

Yet another hiring success: Wayne Haroutunian of Haroutunian Masonry said, “Since starting with PostcardMania, at the beginning, [we were] one crew. Just me and a crew. And right now, after using PostcardMania, we have four crews.”

Their stories — and thousands of others — will serve as a blueprint for businesses that want to grow.

Despite the highest reported layoff stats since 2020, PostcardMania remains strong in its own growth. When lockdowns occurred in 2020, the marketing firm didn’t lay off a single employee, instead adding close to 100 new jobs while becoming better at retention. Close to a third of all staff have been with the company for five years, increasing by 12% in 2022. Overall staff retention also hit new records in 2022, increasing 7% year over year.

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