Group RFZ Uplevels Influencer Marketing Measurement with New TikTok Benchmarks

With new benchmarks incorporated into brand lift reports, marketers can see how their influencer programs compare to others and uncover opportunities for improvement

DENVER, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Group RFZ, a leading digital measurement firm that specializes in assessing the impact of influencer marketing, has launched a new set of benchmarks to measure the performance of TikTok influencer campaigns. The new benchmarks, which are now incorporated into Group RFZ’s brand lift study reports and complement its recently released set of Instagram benchmarks, give marketers a competitive lens through which to gauge the success of their campaigns by measuring them against channel-wide norms.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2023 benchmark report, TikTok is now the most popular platform for influencer marketing, with 55% of brands tapping into it for their campaigns. As this platform continues to see astronomic growth and command more resources, there’s a mounting need for brands to gain clarity around the impact and performance of their TikTok campaigns.

These new benchmarks provide macro-level insights that reveal areas of improvement, justify budget spend, give context for influencer campaign KPIs and allow for realistic goal setting.

“With TikTok still so new and growing so quickly, it’s especially difficult to measure how influencer campaigns are faring against other brands on this channel. A campaign could create a 5-point lift in awareness, but what can you glean from that without context and a point of comparison?” said Group RFZ co-founder Jonathan Futa. “This set of data-driven benchmarks is designed to help brands understand what went well and what needs work, and to serve as a guiding light to improve the success of future TikTok campaigns.”

Group RFZ’s TikTok benchmarks allow brands to measure their performance in key areas, including awareness, favorability, consideration and purchase intent.


Group RFZ’s TikTok benchmarks were developed from a database over the last 18 months that included more than 10,000 consumer survey responses from more than 60 projects across a variety of industries. They measure the average lift from all included projects after removing outliers. Lift is calculated as the point difference between exposed and control groups in brand lift studies.

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