Human8 Unveils Global What Matters Report, Illuminating Consumer Priorities in Environmental and Regenerative Sustainability

US-Specific Data Highlights Urgency for Regeneration: 70% Advocate for a Shift Beyond Sustainability, 78% Assert Brands Must Safeguard the Planet’s Future

DETROIT, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Human8 the global human-driven consultancy, together with Space Doctors, their strategic, cultural and creative specialist team, releases its annual Global What Matters Report, offering insights into consumer attitudes towards environmental sustainability and regenerative sustainability. The US-specific data underscores a pressing call for action, with 70% of respondents declaring that ‘sustaining’ is no longer sufficient, urging a move towards regenerative sustainability. Furthermore, a resounding 78% emphasize the pivotal role brands play in securing the planet’s future.

The Global What Matters report is based on a four-part global study deploying a mix of cultural and human insight methodologies, culminated in a global insight community across 10 markets and a quantification with 13,028 consumers across 17 markets.

“In the pages of the report, a collective concern emerges as 72% of U.S. respondents express worry about the state of the planet for future generations. An even more striking 67% advocate for drastic lifestyle changes, emphasizing a shared recognition that the time for complacency has passed,” said Katherine Ephlin, Managing Director, North America of Human8. “Woven throughout the narratives is a common thread – 70% of respondents believe that creating a better world is not something they can accomplish on their own. They express a collective yearning for visionary leaders, be they individuals, organizations, or brands, to take the lead and drive meaningful change.”

Furthermore, the report highlights an evolution from traditional sustainability to regenerative sustainability. Where traditional sustainability focuses primarily on maintaining the current state of the environment, regenerative sustainability or ‘regeneration’ broadens the scope. It’s not only about the planet. And it’s not only about doing less harm. It’s about thinking in regenerative ways, restoring and reimagining everything, including how businesses are run to reshaping human norms and ecological systems.

“Space Doctors is a certified B-Corporation; the movement for regeneration is part of our DNA. In light of this, we started our 2024 What Matters journey by developing a cultural framework for positive transformation, a model which revealed the 4 main dimensions of positive change that all brands should be aware of,” said Michael Thomas, Brand Transformation Lead at Space Doctors US. “These dimensions provide the context and ground for an additional 8 cultural codes of transformation – these are the meaningful and actionable paths for adopting a regenerative mindset and identifying substantive, systemic solutions.”

Some key U.S findings include:

  • Consumers are Willing to Adopt and Adapt with Assistance: Delving further, the report paints a vivid picture of the barriers in adopting a sustainable lifestyle –only 14% confidently claim to lead such a lifestyle. The findings reveal that the path to widespread adoption hinges on key factors: the affordability of sustainable options (46%), the accessibility of such choices (43%), and increased education on viable sustainable practices (42%). Brands emerge as influential players in this narrative, with 23% indicating that sustainable alternatives need not compromise convenience and 32% asserting no compromise on quality.
  • There is an Expectation for Brands to Take an Active Role: The report underscores the growing expectation for brands to be more than mere purveyors of products. A notable 78% of respondents believe brands bear a significant responsibility for the planet’s future. Digging deeper, 72% express a need for brands to embrace transparency, demanding comprehensive information about sustainability efforts. Furthermore, 60% of respondents feel the need for more reliable ways to evaluate a brand’s true commitment to sustainability.
  • Strides are Being Taken: The findings also offer glimpses into the daily lives of consumers actively engaged in sustainable practices. While 72% express concern about the future, a resilient 52% believe it’s not too late for positive change. Current actions include consuming less (40%), purchasing second-hand goods (38%), consciously buying local products (37%), and avoiding single-use plastic items (35%). However, a substantial 64% acknowledge the need for better information on the impact of their behavior.
  • Inclusivity is Inevitable: In a poignant section on inclusivity, the report captures the sentiments of 45% of respondents who find the battle against labels and assumptions around diversity and inclusion draining. A compelling 14% translate this belief into conscious purchasing choices, actively supporting diversity through their consumption. Encouragingly, 45% advocate for a ‘Flip the Script’ approach, asserting the power of creating one’s own path.

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