Idexo Unveils Groundbreaking NFT Templates System and Web3 CRM Reinventing Community Engagement and Unleashing New Revenue Opportunities

LONDON, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — idexo, a trailblazer in web3 revenue and loyalty infrastructure, proudly announces the launch of its cutting-edge NFT Templates System and Web3 CRM. These innovative tools revolutionize the way businesses and organizations interact with their communities, players, and customers across both web2 social networks and web3 blockchains. By synergizing these two products, idexo empowers companies to optimize engaging 360-degree experiences, transform community engagement into long-term customer relationships, and maximize revenue and loyalty.

Web3 CRM: Harnessing the Power of Community Analytics

The Web3 CRM provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their community’s engagement, enabling them to pinpoint effective strategies and areas for improvement. With essential features like managing communications, identifying top supporters, and integrating web3 data with existing customer and lead data, businesses can now unleash the full potential of their community.

The Web3 CRM’s permission-based incentivization allows companies to triangulate profiles across web2 social accounts and web3 on-chain activities and identities, such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord, holdings, purchases, and transfers. This holistic perspective on community activities paves the way for enhanced planning and captivating experiences.

Furthermore, the Web3 CRM facilitates NFT and SBT collection management, special badges, and community rank awards, as well as seamless NFT connectivity.

NFT Templates: Simplifying and Elevating NFT Management

The NFT Templates System streamlines the creation and management of NFTs, saving time and minimizing complexity for businesses.

This advanced system unlocks new revenue streams and bolsters loyalty through standardized reward NFTs and upgrades. Key features include:

  • product catalog synchronization,
  • template ID minting,
  • ability to clone any existing NFT as a starter template by importing its metadata link,
  • API, SDK, and/or Zapier integration for template minting in business and game workflows.

With the flexibility to build templates via a user-friendly web form in the SaaS UI or import them in bulk, as well as clone templates for new creations, the NFT Templates System provides unparalleled adaptability for businesses looking to capitalize on the digital collectibles revolution.

The Ultimate Synergy: NFT Templates and Web3 CRM

The fusion of the NFT Templates System and the insights offered by the Web3 CRM enables businesses to deliver standardized reward NFTs and upgrades throughout their relationship with community members, players, and customers. This cohesive 360-degree approach to community engagement and loyalty-building is set to redefine how businesses connect with their audiences.

Idexo CEO/CTO, Greg Marlin, shares their excitement: “With the introduction of our NFT Templates System and Web3 CRM, we’re reimagining the way businesses engage with their communities in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. By combining the power of these two groundbreaking tools, we’re confident that our clients will unlock new revenue streams and foster long-lasting, loyal relationships with their audiences.”

To get started using the NFT Templates and Web3 CRM, set-up an account at and choose from one of the available plans or start a 14-day trial.

Learn more about idexo and exciting industry use cases at upcoming talks by idexo’s CEO, Greg Marlin, on March 28th at the Metaverse Fashion Fest from 3pm-7pm CET, and at a special webinar covering the integration of AI and NFTs into business workflows, jointly hosted by idexo and Ecodynamics on April 18th from 3pm430pm CET. Registrants will be able to create an AI-generated NFT directly on the webinar signup form using just a simple prompt and their email. For more information, and to receive the webinar registration link, follow idexo and Ecodynamics on LinkedIn, Twitter and/or subscribe to receive their news.


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