Introducing The Littles: A CPG Advisory Model Reshaping DTC Startup Growth Marketing Strategies

Pioneering a New Path to Startup Success through Strategic Sweat Equity Investment

MIAMI, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Building on the success of DTC darling LVPR, a PR and Social Media agency, industry veterans Ali Karsch and Nikole Flores proudly announce the launch of The Littles, a unique CPG startup advisory poised to reshape the landscape of PR and Marketing for emerging brands.

Traditional agency fees can often hinder the growth of direct-to-consumer startups, impending their access to top-tier PR and Marketing talent. The Littles aims to change this by providing high-growth potential CPG startups with access to decades of expertise in exchange for equity in their brand or other mixed offering.

Aspiring brands that meet specific criteria will have the opportunity to apply to work with The Littles. If selected, The Littles will work with the brand’s specific goals and budget to customize a detailed work plan, regularly analyzing the effectiveness of marketing efforts which will help startups refine their strategy over time and position themselves as challengers in their competitive landscape.

With a legacy of success at LVPR supporting the trajectory of high-growth brands like Native, VINEBOX, Cloud Paper, State Bags, Bean Box, and many more, co-founders Ali Karsch and Nikole Flores bring specialized expertise to help startups achieve crucial milestones. This includes building brand awareness, new customer acquisition, gaining industry recognition, driving affiliate and trackable sales – all essential steps toward establishing category leadership, securing retail presence, attracting investor attention, and brand acquisition.

Having worked at award-winning agencies in New York, Chicago, and Miami, for consumer brands both large and small, they possess a deep understanding of the challenges that brands with significant potential encounter at every stage. The Littles offers a distinctive partnership model that addresses a vital gap in the market, providing effective PR and marketing strategies including launch strategies, messaging created to influence different audiences, affiliate marketing support, creative concepting, brand partnerships, etc.

“As an agency owner over the past seven years, I’ve had the privilege of working with many incredible direct-to-consumer CPG startups and their founders. These experiences have enabled me to pinpoint key elements that contribute to the success for DTC brands. As a result, I’ve been very selective of the brands we partner with at LVPR,” said Ali Karsch, co-founder of The Littles and Founder + CEO of LVPR. “Through these experiences Nikole and I have developed a strong passion for guiding and mentoring emerging brands that resonate with us. I couldn’t be more excited to introduce this new venture, The Littles, and look forward to the partnerships ahead.”

Nikole Flores, co-founder of The Littles, added, “This has been a true passion project. Our mission is to be more than advisors – we’re dedicated partners invested in the long-term success of each brand we work with. By sharing in the journey through equity, we align our interests with those of the startups we collaborate with, fostering a real partnership that goes beyond traditional agency-client relationships.”

Applications will be accepted through the company’s website,, where founders can learn more about the criteria, selection process, and apply here.

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the CPG industry, Ali and Nikole are poised to make The Littles a driving force behind the growth and success of the next generation of startup brands. Follow us on LinkedIn for more updates and announcements to come.

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About The Littles

The Littles is a forward-thinking CPG startup advisory founded by Ali Karsch and Nikole Flores. Leveraging decades of expertise in Public Relations and Marketing, The Littles offers a distinct partnership model that empowers high-growth startups through equity-based collaboration. By bridging the gap between potential and success, The Littles is committed to revolutionizing how emerging brands access strategic PR and Marketing support.

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