JoinBrands has Become a Growth Leader in the UGC Creator and Influencer Marketing Platform Space

DALLAS, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —, the premier influencer marketing and user-generated content (UGC) platform, today announced a series of impressive milestones that underscore its rapid growth and significant impact in the digital marketing landscape.

“Since our inception, we’ve focused on creating real value for both creators and brands. These latest figures are a testament to our commitment and the robust ecosystem we’ve built,” said Ian Sells, Co-founder of JoinBrands.

Impressive Growth Milestones:

  • Financial Support to Creators: JoinBrands has paid out a remarkable 3M to its community of creators, reflecting the platform’s dedication to supporting the creator economy.
  • Extensive Job Completion: More than 62,000 jobs were completed through the platform, showcasing the high demand and dynamic engagement within the JoinBrands network.
  • Diverse Campaign Creation: The platform saw over 2,400 unique accounts creating campaigns, indicating a broad and varied use of its services among brands.
  • Active Creator Engagement: Over 8,239 creators have completed at least one job, highlighting the extensive reach and active participation of the creator community.
  • Top Creators’ Earnings: The top 10 creators on JoinBrands earned a combined total of $145,000 last year, demonstrating the lucrative opportunities available for dedicated and talented individuals.
  • Tremendous Social Media Visibility: Through its collaborations, JoinBrands helped brands achieve an astounding 160M views on TikTok, illustrating the platform’s effectiveness in amplifying brand visibility and engagement.

“These numbers represent not just growth, but the strength and vitality of the creator-brand ecosystem we’re nurturing,” added CEO, Leo Limin.

Continued Innovation and Development:

JoinBrands is also excited to announce new enhancements to its platform, including tools for agencies to white label, analytics for better campaign tracking, improved filters, and new subscription plans for brands to save money and access additional features.

On the creator side, we’ve built out public creator portfolios allowing creators to market their past work, brand pitch, and reviews from brands they have worked with. Additionally improved job acceptance rates and added features for creators to work faster within the platform.

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JoinBrands is a leading influencer marketing platform, transforming how brands engage with influencers and manage UGC. The platform streamlines content creation, influencer marketing, and social posting, providing brands with the tools needed for impactful influencer campaigns of any scale. From enterprise customers to small brands, we support the need for content and creators at scale.

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