JustAnswer Year-in-Review “Curiosity Report” Unveils 2023’s Top Trending Topics

Hawaii Law, Home Improvement, and Electric Vehicles Among Categories That Saw Biggest YOY Growth

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — JustAnswer, the leading online platform connecting people with doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, mechanics and other experts for real-time professional help, today unveiled 2023’s top trending topics – i.e., which types of questions experienced the biggest YOY increases from 2022 and kept JustAnswer experts busiest this year.

Hawaii Law was the topic that spiked the most significantly – 2,600% YOY – triggered by questions related to property damage, insurance claims and other issues related to the devastating Maui wildfires in August. JustAnswer also saw significant increases in questions about Home Improvement, Electric Vehicles and Relationships this year, while Home Theater, Etiquette and Firearms showed the steepest decline from 2022. These were among the top findings from an analysis of approximately 4.2 million questions fielded by JustAnswer experts between January 1st, 2023 and November 20th, 2023.

Some of the more interesting highlights from the JustAnswer 2023 Year in Review Curiosity Report include:

Housing Market Doldrums Driving Interest in Home Improvement
Soaring interest rates in 2023 took all the gas out of US housing market this year, making it less attractive to sell or move. With more homeowners staying put, JustAnswer home improvement and repair specialists saw questions in this category spike a whopping 49% over last year, processing more than 13,000 queries.

EVs and Car Electronics Questions Surged in 2023 
Continuing a trend we began to see last year, in 2023 lots of people were seeking help with Electric Vehicles. JustAnswer auto experts answered 40% more questions about EVs this year compared to 2022, when the category was up 61% from 2021. According to JustAnswer Auto Expert Peter Zavarelli, the increase in EV questions is due to “a higher demand for EV vehicles as well as more EV vehicles being made by most all manufacturers.” In addition, JustAnswer saw a 58% spike in general car electronic questions due to how complex EV and non-EV models have become. “The more electronics added to vehicles leads to more failures down the road,” notes Zavarelli. 

Layoffs and Shifting Job Market Spark Jobs and Employment Law Questions 
After several years of a red hot job market, 2023 has been marked by wave after wave of massive corporate layoffs, particularly in the tech sector. Reflecting this market shift, JustAnswer saw questions in the “Jobs” category rise by 47% YOY, and Employment Law questions rose by 49% YOY, as people sought counsel on negotiating severance pay or fighting unlawful termination.

Dog Owners Seeking Professional Counsel in Record Numbers
While slowing down a bit from 2022, where we saw a 286% YOY increase in “dog behavior” questions, this year continued to be busy for JustAnswer canine experts. Not only were dog training questions up 55% YOY, but veterinarian questions were also up 32% YOY, coming in at #3 overall among all categories on JustAnswer in terms of question volume.

Post-Pandemic Return to Life Outside the Home Leads to Decline in Some Categories
Looking at the categories of questions showing the greatest rate of decline on JustAnswer in 2023, it looks as if some of the activities of life during the Pandemic no longer hold the same appeal or necessity. For example, among the biggest declines were questions about Home theater equipment (down -52%), office equipment (-32%), exercise equipment (-27%) and eReaders (-29%).

Top Trending Questions – YOY (2023 vs. 2022)

  • Hawaii Law – up 2,600%
  • Car electronics questions – up 58%
  • Dog training questions – up 55%
  • Home Improvement questions – up 49%
  • Job-related questions were up 47%
  • Relationship questions – up 45%
  • EV questions – up 40%
  • Employment Law – up 39%

Biggest Declining Categories YOY

  • Home theater systems – down 52%
  • Etiquette questions – down 43%
  • Firearms questions – down 41%
  • Office equipment – down 32%
  • eReaders – down 29%
  • Exercise equipment – down 27%
  • Homework questions – down 23%
  • Wedding questions – down 20%

For more details about the top trending question categories in 2023, along with insights and predictions for 2024 from top JustAnswer experts, please visit https://www.justanswer.com/blog/justanswer-curiosity-report-2023-year-questions-1.

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