Kathleen Rohrecker Joins Code Climate as SVP of Marketing

Former NS1 and Oracle exec brings a proven growth-stage track record to the leading Engineering Management Platform startup.

NEW YORK, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Code Climate, creator of the leading Engineering Management Platform, Velocity, today welcomes Kathleen Rohrecker as Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Rohrecker is a marketing executive with a strong track record of increasing the value of growth-stage technology companies. Prior to joining Code Climate, Rohrecker was Senior Vice President of Marketing at application intelligence and automation provider NS1. Under her leadership, NS1’s brand valuation increased by over $300M. Prior to her tenure at NS1, Rohrecker served as CMO for Maxymizer and Revolution Analytics, positioning those companies for acquisition by Oracle and Microsoft respectively.

"Kathleen has a history of scaling the value, audience, and customer base of every company she works for," says Bryan Helmkamp, Founder and CEO of Code Climate. "Our engineering management platform has the power to transform the daily lives of software engineering leaders. We’re fortunate to have a communications leader with Kathleen’s talent and vision to help us tell that story."

Rohrecker’s data-driven approach to marketing strategy is a natural fit for the data insights startup. As Senior Director of North American Marketing for Oracle, Rohrecker developed a financial model to measure the relative contribution and conversion metrics for all inbound, outbound, and pipeline acceleration marketing programs, supporting nearly 300 sellers. At Revolution Analytics, her go-to-market strategy for big data analytics solutions led to a 500% increase in average contract values in 18 months.

"Throughout my career, I’ve been privileged to help technology companies reach their full market potential, and I’m keenly aware of the power of data-driven insights to accelerate business outcomes," says Rohrecker. "I look forward to elevating Code Climate among the engineering and business leaders who need it most."

Rohrecker resides in the greater New York City Area. She holds an MBA from Hofstra University and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from William & Mary.

About Code Climate

Code Climate, maker of the Engineering Management Platform Velocity, is trusted by thousands of organizations – from enterprises to startups – to optimize return on investment in software engineering. Code Climate was founded in 2011 by engineering leaders who were frustrated by decisions being made in the dark or by gut instinct. After nearly a decade helping over 100,000 developers improve the quality and maintainability of their codebases with their automated code review tool, Quality, Code Climate launched their flagship product Velocity, enabling technology leaders to make better informed – and therefore better – management decisions.

Velocity delivers impact from day one, giving organizations insight into how their engineering resources are allocated, automated flags for delivery risks and bottlenecks, and internal and external benchmarking. Using Velocity, engineering leaders can align their team structure and resources to strategic priorities, intervene early to prevent delivery delays, and take targeted steps to improve their team’s productivity and performance. Learn more at codeclimate.com.

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