Let Radio’s Top Talkers Rocket-Launch Your Brand – ‘The Radio Agency’ Explores Highly Effective Advertising Tactic Many Businesses Overlook

NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Radio Agency recently highlighted an advertising strategy for businesses that can be leveraged to dramatic effect with the recent shift in the Talk Radio landscape. Writing in the company’s online blog, Mark Lipsky, CEO of The Radio Agency, pointed to the TALKERS® Magazine 2021 "Heavy Hundred" list as a potential goldmine for brands looking to get valuable marketing leverage from some of Talk Radio’s brightest luminaries.

"The death of Rush Limbaugh left a vacuum in conservative Talk Radio with no shortage of would-be successors to entertain Rush’s audience," Lipsky noted. "That creates opportunity for new Talk Radio advertisers to buy primetime airtime for less than the premium rates that Limbaugh once commanded."

Representing the most popular "Spoken Word Content" entertainers, this year’s TALKERS® Top Ten includes Sean Hannity, Dave Ramsey, Mark Levin, Brian Kilmeade, Joe Madison, Dana Loesch, Mike Gallagher, Thom Hartmann, Michael Berry, and Joe Pagliarulo. Taken as a group, these entertainers provide fertile ground on which advertisers could grow a new brand or business.

"Every market has influential talk show hosts able to present the benefits of your product or service with the earnest credibility of a trusted next-door neighbor," Lipsky explained. "The challenge is securing their endorsements at a fair price that will deliver incremental sales to cover or exceed the incremental cost of their services as spokesperson."

But first, a business has to secure the personality’s endorsement. That takes professional representation who knows the industry, including how to approach each radio host, station, channel, stream or network. And then there are the pitfalls that trip up many well-meaning, but inexperienced brand managers and non-radio experts trying to figure it out on the fly.

"Many advertisers fall into the trap of only buying AM Drive or PM Drive radio times," Lipsky pointed out. "But if the nighttime host delivers 25% of the audience size of the morning show at 20% of the price, you could be excluding your most profitable opportunity by prejudging what will work and what won’t. The Radio Agency’s access to Nielsen’s latest audience ratings in all 253 radio markets gives us a competitive edge to make the right media choices and negotiate rates and schedules from a position of strength."

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