Marketer Whilly Bermudez Launches South Florida Business Podcast Series – BIZ 305

MIAMI, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Whilly Bermudez, long time marketing entrepreneur, author, and now podcaster is launching a new podcast series focused on South Florida business owners, their businesses, and their customers.

‘BIZ 305’ will take an interview format approach where consumers can hear directly from the business owners and their customers through video testimonials. The aim is to provide viewers a full and clear picture of each business that is being showcased.

This will cover business history, motivations, and key differentiators in the hopes that consumers can make the best-informed decisions while reducing the dependency on outdated review websites that usually leave many questions unanswered.

"I do think that review sites like Yelp are outdated but also very limited. People want to hear directly for the business owner / operator and not just an employee reading from some script or reading a bunch of paragraphs online. Consumers deserve reassurance when they consider making a major purchase or hiring someone. Those reassurances can only come from clear information that the main person responsible can provide through real audio and video. This also gives the business owners a new channel to be seen by those new / potential customers. A venue where they can explain and describe who they are, what they do, how, and why consumers should choose them," says Bermudez.

Each segment will include the business founder/ owner/ operator and never just an employee. Each 30-minute interview encompasses details of the service / product and will be broadcasted on all major podcast platforms as well as all major social media platforms. Episodes will be released weekly and available on:

"I think that Whilly is one of the most overall creative people that I have probably ever met. The guy has incredible ideas and I’m happy to consult on this or any future product for Bermudez," says Ross Brosky – Infusion Films & Netflix

About Whilly Bermudez
Whilly Bermudez is an American Media Entrepreneur, Podcaster, & Author- affectionately known as the "WB". As one of the most highly regarded professionals in South Florida and one of the most recognizable names in the industry, Whilly’s focus is to create ‘out of the box’ concepts continue to set him apart. For 20+ years, WB has developed countless unique business concepts & placed his creative stamp on countless client brands. Some of his social media content has been viewed and/or shared millions of times.

To date, he has produced over 1,000 events and has earned acclaim as one of the leading industry marketers. Aside from his hard work ethic, his current passion is film making. He is currently creating Documentaries to TV pilot concepts and further testament that there is no shortage of WB’s great ideas. Learn more at

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