Mediavine Expands Access to Contextual Ad Targeting Using GumGum’s Verity Artificial Intelligence Product

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Mediavine, the largest exclusive ad management company in the U.S., has expanded its contextual ad targeting with Magnite and PubMatic using GumGum’s Verity artificial intelligence (AI) product. Through Verity, Mediavine is passing contextual segments in the bid request to industry-leading Supply Side Platforms (SSPs). In mid-2019, Mediavine began offering contextual targeting as a way to combat the instability of third-party cookies in the various internet browsers. Due to growing demand from marketers, Mediavine has expanded upon the availability.

“With Safari already blocking third-party cookies and Chrome planning the same in 2021, it is critical we remain proactive in testing every potential way to serve relevant audiences to marketers,” said Mediavine SVP of Sales & Revenue Phil Bohn. “Contextual targeting is one of several tools we have implemented, and will continue to implement, to curb the economic impact of these changes. After a successful launch with Verity in 2019 we are expanding the targeting capabilities with other SSPs to meet the demands of our advertiser partners.”

Verity relies on contextual data rather than the behavioral data third-party cookies collect. The AI product is designed to provide contextual data and content classification to help publishers serve keyword and contextual categorization, allowing for more robust ad targeting and brand suitability in the era of cookie-less data.

“Verity is one of the industry’s most sophisticated contextual targeting technologies to help advertisers stay on the right side of evolving privacy regulations,” said GumGum CEO Phil Schraeder. “We are proud to say Verity is the only contextual intelligence solution that considers images, text and metadata when scoring relevance and determining suitability, ensuring brand safety and campaign success.”

“Contextual data will be increasingly important in a cookie-less internet and we are working with several different approaches to bring context to the forefront,” said Magnite Chief Technology Officer Tom Kershaw. “Cooperation across the industry is essential to ensuring success and while this is just the beginning, we see this as a promising start.”

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