Natural Environmental Solutions, Inc. Not Only Offers a Product to Eradicate Zebra Mussels, But It Is Also Releasing Two More Multi-Patent Pending Products, “Stop Blue Green Algae Bloom” and “No Rodent Rocks”

GARDNER, Kan., Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Natural Environmental Solutions ( approach is to use ingredients found to be safely used by human beings that can be used to cause zebra mussels to over consume, Blue Green Algae Blooms to Stop Blooming and create overstimulation of rodent nervous system using six essential oils within one formulation. Compacting those six essential oils into rocks using a patent pending process that infuses over 30% essential oils in one pound of selected stones and essential oil product.

“Stop Blue Green Algae Blooms” is a product that demonstrates the blooms falling back from the surface layer, where it goes to get oxygen needed for blooming activity. “Stop Blue Green Algae Blooms” sells for the price of $25.00 for 100 square feet, just by sprinkling on the active blooms.

“Stop Rodent Rocks” is offered to use patent pending combination as well as non-patent pending scents and essential oils held within a vessel to provide limited protection from harmful Ultraviolet rays, while slowing down the releasing of scents, using the patent pending process of infusing 3 ounces of essential oils into 16 ounces of rock.  At the rate of 2 ounces of “Stop Rodent Rocks” suggested use is 2 ounces for every 3200 cubic feet (20″ x 20″ x 8′), retailing for $6.87.  This provides an easy non-killing, PROACTIVE PREVENTIVE RODENT CONTROL APPROACH, in an attempt not to have either rodent damage or dead rodent smell. Uses include dry areas below 85° Fahrenheit, such as RVs, crawl spaces under buildings, chicken coops, feed storage, garages, under kitchen sinks, basements, attics, unused farm equipment or storage sheds, lasting 60 to 90 days or more, depending on enclosure tightness from drafts.

For more information; “No Rodent Rocks” ( and “Stop Blue Green Algae Blooms” ( are available December 2022.

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