New Imperium Solution Automates In-Survey Data Cleaning Process

NEW YORK, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Data quality solutions specialist Imperium ( today announced the release of QualityScore, a fully automated, platform-agnostic tool that improves survey data quality, while reducing reliance on costly manual checks.

“We know this tool will save clients time and money, by providing valuable insights into how respondents are performing,” said Tim McCarthy, General Manager, Imperium. “We calculate that QualityScore will improve data accuracy by ~10%, resulting in savings of thousands of dollars per project. It will enable researchers and project managers to allocate more time and energy to their customers and to productive data analysis rather than spending hours reviewing data simply to check the quality.”

The new tool will not only ensure cleaner data but will also greatly reduce the frustration caused by having to return to field after closing quotas or ending a project, only to find out you need to remove or replace poor respondents.

“By implementing QualityScore, companies can have greater confidence in their completes,” explained McCarthy. “There’ll no longer be any need to either revisit surveys or to include sub-par respondents just so they can close fielding on time.”

QualityScore uses a sophisticated scoring algorithm to return a per-respondent quality rating that incorporates behavioral information, such as speeding, straightlining and poor OE responses, as well as passive data points such as mouse movement, and browser activity to paint a complete picture of the respondent’s attentiveness and data reliability. Because it’s completely automated – and customizable – it allows MR companies to focus on their business priorities without the distraction of bad data/respondents.

A recent review of online panels by industry specialists Grey Matter Research and Harmon Research reported that at least 90 percent of researchers are not taking steps to ensure online panel quality – a statistic that has serious implications for the quality of MR survey data.

Researchers have long been aware of the threat posed by disengaged or fraudulent responses to the integrity of online panel surveys. Yet, tens of thousands of market researchers rely on their efficacy. While meticulous study design is the cornerstone of effective data collection, tools like QualityScore give researchers much greater control over the QA process without committing additional time and resources.

About Imperium
Imperium provides a comprehensive suite of technology services and customized solutions to verify personal information and restrict fraudulent online activities. The world’s most respected market research and e-commerce businesses rely on Imperium’s superior technology and solutions to validate customers’ identities, verify data accuracy, automate review processes and uncover the intelligence that improves profitability. RelevantID® is widely recognized as the sector’s de facto data-quality and anti-fraud tool. Imperium has invested heavily in machine learning, NLP and neural networks to expertly map fraudsters’ behavior. Last year, Imperium prevented 1 billion instances of fraud at source.

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