New Market Research Report from A Closer Look Reveals the Path to Building Emotionally Connected, Loyal Customers

In a world where customer loyalty is increasingly hard to come by, A Closer Look’s groundbreaking market research report, “Beyond Surveys: A Deep Dive into Customer Experiences and the Path to Brand Loyalty,” reveals the key to building emotionally connected, long-term relationships with customers that transcend transactional rewards and discounts.

ATLANTA, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A Closer Look, a leading market research firm, has released a groundbreaking report titled “Beyond Surveys: A Deep Dive into Customer Experiences and the Path to Brand Loyalty.” The report provides data-driven insights and actionable recommendations for brands seeking to create meaningful, lasting relationships with customers that go beyond transactional loyalty.

The comprehensive study, based on three customer surveys with a total of 3,242 responses, uncovers crucial findings related to customer feedback behaviors, negative experience triggers, and the drivers of emotional loyalty. Key insights include:

  1. Customers are most likely to provide feedback when expectations are not met, exceeded, or when they have constructive criticism to offer.
  2. Poor product or service quality and unresolved issues are the top triggers for negative feedback.
  3. 80% of customers prioritize better customer experiences over cheaper pricing, and 71% choose it over a more convenient location.
  4. Only 20% of customers frequently write online reviews, indicating that review sites may not capture the authentic opinions of the majority.
  5. 87% of customers state that implementing a universal, simple, and private feedback method would increase their likelihood of sharing input.

“Our research underscores the importance of building emotional connections with customers to foster true, long-term loyalty,” said Chris Gillen, CEO of A Closer Look. “By leveraging the insights in ‘Beyond Surveys,’ brands can develop strategies that create exceptional experiences and meaningful relationships that transcend transactional rewards and discounts.”

The report provides actionable recommendations for brands, including implementing multi-channel feedback systems, prioritizing rapid response protocols, empowering staff to deliver exceptional experiences, closing the feedback loop with customers, and cultivating a customer-centric culture.

“To build emotionally connected, loyal customers, brands must go beyond surveys and engage in ongoing, authentic dialogue,” added Gillen. “By actively listening to customers, demonstrating empathy, and taking action based on their insights, companies can create experiences that resonate on a deeper level and foster lasting loyalty.”

The full report, “Beyond Surveys: A Deep Dive into Customer Experiences and the Path to Brand Loyalty,” is available for free download at

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