Newly Launched Music Publicity Company Penny Lane PR Offers Tour Publicity, Artist Brand Publicity and Fan Partnerships

‘It’s all happening’ with this complement to Roadie Social

NAPLES, Fla., March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Penny Lane PR announced today the official launch of its music publicity business providing innovative brand development for musical artists, albums and tours. Whether an artist is emerging into the music business, is early in the stage of their career or is an established artist selling out arenas, there’s a seat for everyone at this table.

Established by Beth Booker, CEO and Co-Founder, and Jessi Sanfilippo, Co-Founder, this team of accomplished marketing and PR professionals hold a combined 25 years of industry experience. Penny Lane PR comes to the stage as a complement to Roadie Social, the disruptive tour-building company, shaking things up with the future of fandoms for touring artists, launched by CEO and Founder Jessi Sanfilippo, earlier this year.

"There are so many critical moving parts when it comes to an artist’s footprint these days. As I’ve had these conversations with artists and their management teams specifically around touring, it’s clear to me that a dedicated focus on brand development and complementary media placements, outside of the traditional machine, has a place in the modern music landscape," Sanfilippo says of this new extension of her already blossoming business. She continues, "Beth was the perfect choice for a publicist and leader who truly embraces what it takes to meet artists where they are and, in no uncertain terms, take them to the moon."

Booker and Sanfilippo bonded through their mutual passion for music and respective backgrounds supporting artists on the radio and at their record labels. With their finger on the pulse of the modern industry and artist brand development, Penny Lane PR launches with the following core services:

Tour Publicity Taking it on the road? Penny Lane PR will create a targeted tour publicity campaign, design and assemble a press kit, organize meet and greets, form fan activations for coverage in target markets and secure placements and features in key publications.

Artist Brand Publicity Ideal for an artist who is gearing to release a new album or for those who are looking for general artist brand awareness, Penny Lane PR will provide outreach across traditional and digital media, set up single release premieres, coordinate advance album streams, interviews and listening parties, create pitch materials and more based on the goals and scope of the project.

Fan Partnerships Penny Lane PR knows how much artists appreciate their fans, so they want to help artists discover ways to get them involved. Penny Lane PR will develop pre-save campaigns for single releases with prominent fans and tastemakers on social media, coordinate and manage attendees for listening parties ahead of album releases, build social media fan engagement campaigns based on the artist’s goals and facilitate artist-fan focus groups.

"We know the caliber of dedication that musicians and artists put into their craft and our top priority will always be to help them achieve the big dreams that they have been working towards," says Booker. She continues, "The beauty in working with artists in all stages of their careers is that whether they are going on their first tour or going on their billionth tour, we get to be there to support them, create standout campaigns and cheer them on as they continue to achieve their goals."

When it came to a name, Penny Lane felt like the most accurate choice for the work Booker and Sanfilippo do. Whether you know it from the 1967 single release from The Beatles or the 2000s cult classic film, you’re right. An homage to honoring the origin of music and the business behind it as well as the new frontier for emerging artists and their work, "Penny Lane" embraces the ever-present duality of the industry.

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