Nexus Affiliates Academy Officially Launches as the Premier Training Platform in all of Network Marketing

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —¬†Nexus Affiliates Academy, a system designed to grow companies and organizations, has launched a new training platform, book and mobile app for the most in-depth system with the power and speed of the digital revolution. The system combines the power of digital with old-school fundamentals that have stood the test of time.

Founded by father and son team of Chris and Dale McNelly, the training academy offers over 14 hours of training videos, the book "Close the Revolving Door of Your Network Marketing Business," 30+ live interactive pdfs and workbooks. Participants also receive live coaching, one-on-one coaching, quarterly masterminds, podcast on all major platforms, iOS/Android business tracking app, licensing and consulting opportunities for corporations, and more.

The duo pulls back the curtain on industry secrets, putting them in the hands of businesses and individuals to grow any business at lightning speed. "The book and academy truly allow the reader and trainees to take actionable steps toward their success that go beyond sponsoring and positive affirmations," Dale McNelly said. "The training platform is the only one in the industry that will compete with Eric Worre’s ‘Go Pro.’"

The academy includes Q.I. filtering, allowing users to track the progress of every prospect. The Pure Taproot system is a live checklist of all the important steps in training personal distributors and shows where you are, what you have done, and what is left to do for every distributor to have the best training possible.

The Nexus Affiliates Academy system helps develop team players through direct insights on who stands out on the team with consistent habits and activities, so time is spent on the right people. It helps develop leaders and tracks the four most important business areas to determine stability and future development.

The team at Nexus Affiliates Academy has partnered with Lightspeed VT and Brad Lea to create the most immersive and interactive training platform in the industry. In addition to the book and the academy, Nexus Affiliates Academy has also launched a mobile app available on iTunes and Android, and a podcast available on all platforms. They have also launched a social media campaign, coaching and an affiliate program.

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Christopher McNelly

SOURCE Nexus Affiliates, LLC.