Notix Became the 5th Most Popular Push Notification Platform in India in 2022

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, June 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The innovative push platform Notix, which centers around user retention and engagement, became the fifth most-popular push notification service used in India in 2022. 

The top 5 push notification platforms in India were ranked by BuiltWith, an independent Australia-based profiling and competitive analysis firm that periodically releases ratings.

About Notix’s Trajectory
A push notification provider for both mobile and desktop devices, Notix has earned a reputation for its unparalleled focus on technology and performance.

Already an established player in the industry, Notix is known for features like audience segmentation, parallel testing, native monetization options, real-time statistics, targeting by user’s time zone, API integrations, and database migration, among many other abilities.

Today, the platform boasts hundreds of millions of monthly active users.

Highlighting Notix’s Features
Notix is packed with creative features that help improve the results generated by push campaigns. For instance, Notix can be used as a cross-channel marketing platform that leverages different channels and deep targeting to increase audience reach.

As we mentioned earlier, users can also take advantage of the platform’s segmentation as well as its customizable prompts and emoji to bolster engagement.

Thoughts from the Notix Team
“2022 blew our expectations away — and we were expecting great things. I’m very excited and thrilled to see the impact we’ve had on the industry and how much we’ve grown over the last year. Being ranked as one of the top 5 most used push notifications in India once all the data has been analyzed, that’s an impressive achievement and I credit the amazing team behind our innovative platform,” said Anna Efimova, Sales Director of Notix.

What is Notix?
Notix is an innovative push notification provider founded in 2020. Since its establishment, the company has been focused on delivering push services that yield results.

The platform provides features that help improve the engagement and re-engagement metrics of the push notifications sent out.

With high-performance, low-weight tags that help improve results, Notix can help webmasters in a huge collection of industries grow, scale, and profit from their subscriber lists.

Alina Fatchikhina