Older Widows? They Still Want Love and Romance

SURPRISE, Ariz., March 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Two writer friends who call each other “Sister” (Zenobia (Zee) Silas-Carson and Barbara Morris) are calling out societal norms that discourage widowed women over age 70 from seeking love. Tired of these constraints, they’ve created a forum and upcoming newsletter to support older women looking for new partners.

“Society tells older women they shouldn’t want love or intimacy,” says Silas-Carson. “Family members can find the idea ‘disgusting,’ leading women to beat around the bush in their search for a partner.”

Morris adds, “Widows often say they want to meet ‘people,’ avoiding the word ‘men.’ Older women feel pressure to find female companionship in women’s clubs, secretly hoping to meet an unmarried male relative or friend of a female group member.”

Both girlfriends agree that women can be their own worst enemies when thinking they’re undesirable because of wrinkles or are no longer trim and thin.

They point to situations like nursing homes, where intimate relationships between residents can lead to staff and family disapproval despite the residents’ desires. Zee Silas-Carson says, “No one is too old to experience love or have a caring partner.”

“Society’s attitudes about age and relationships are outdated,” they emphasize. “Capable older women deserve to break free from these constraints and find what makes them happy.”

Their new forum and newsletter are designed for women 70+ seeking a male companion. “Tell us about yourself and your frustrated search for a partner. Let us help each other find love!” they proclaim. Contact the Sisters at

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