Omnichannel Marketing Spurs Outstanding Success for PRINTING United Expo 2023

ATLANTA, Dec. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The PRINTING United Expo, an annual gathering that unites the entire print industry, once again captivated attendees with its dynamic event in 2023. Building on the success of the 2022 show, which set records for attendance, the organizers embarked on an ambitious omnichannel marketing campaign to further engage the community. The integration of the DirectMail2.0 omnichannel digitally enhanced direct mail marketing platform proved to be a game-changer, resulting in a staggering 32 impressions per piece and an impressive 5.76% engagement rate.

The meticulously executed campaign comprised two drops, totaling 232,741 mail pieces, and spanned 60 days of omnichannel enhancement, featuring innovative tools such as SocialMatch, Mail Tracking, Informed Delivery®, Online Follow-Up, Social Media Follow-Up, and LEADMatch.

The omnichannel marketing campaign surpassed all expectations, with over 28,000 registered printing industry professionals from various printing segments—an impressive 7% growth in on-site attendance compared to the previous year. Key outcomes and impacts include:

First-Time Attendees: A notable 60% of attendees were first-timers, showcasing the Expo’s growing appeal to new industry participants.

Purchasing Authority: Over 88% of attendees held purchasing authority or influence, indicating a highly influential and decision-making audience.

Global Reach: Attendees from over 115 countries, along with representatives from every U.S. state and territory, demonstrated the Expo’s widespread international participation.

Exhibitor Growth: The event hosted 810 exhibitors, marking a remarkable 16% growth compared to the previous year.

Exhibitor Satisfaction: Exhibitors reported increased booth traffic, more leads generated, and a boost in sales, underscoring the campaign’s positive impact on business outcomes.

DirectMail2.0 Performance: A remarkable 23% year-over-year increase in ads displayed through DirectMail2.0 resulted in a significant 39% surge in engagement, highlighting the platform’s effectiveness.

Mark J Subers, President of Events and Expositions at PRINTING United Alliance, expressed his satisfaction with the campaign’s outcome, stating: “We are very pleased to have continued our relationship with DirectMail2.0 in support of PRINTING United Expo in 2023. Their platform played a significant role in enhancing our direct mail campaigns, allowing us to exceed our performance goals. The team at DirectMail2.0 are true direct mail professionals that understand the importance of this channel – plus they are truly a pleasure to work with.”

The PRINTING United Expo 2023 stands as a testament to the power of strategic omnichannel marketing in elevating industry events, fostering global connections, and driving substantial business results.

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Brad Kugler
CEO/Co-Founder, DirectMail2.0


About PRINTING United Alliance:

PRINTING United Alliance is a trade association built by and for printers and professionals in the industrial, graphic, garment, textile, electronics, packaging and commercial printing markets. Alliance members grow their businesses through connections, resources, content and education.

About DirectMail2.0:

DirectMail2.0 is a marketing automation platform that lifts direct mail response rates 23 to 46 percent through omnichannel marketing. Fourteen integrated digital technologies blend seamlessly with the printed piece to increase return on investment, prove campaign attribution, and attract new print business.

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