Open Road Integrated Media Revenue and Profits Up in Q1 2021

NEW YORK, April 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Paul Slavin, CEO of Open Road Integrated Media (OR/M), announced results through March 31, 2021: a year-over-year increase of 42% in revenue and EBITDA improvement of over 150%. “OR/M’s proprietary technology and data platform has enabled better discovery for more titles by more consumers than ever before,” Slavin said.

“As the shift to digital search and online purchase accelerates, we become better able to harness reader interest in the titles we manage,” Slavin said. “This has made a tremendous difference for the small and large businesses we serve through Open Road Ignition.”

Open Road Ignition is a full-service digital marketing and sales program open to all publishers. There are currently more than 70 publishing partners and 37,000 titles in Open Road Ignition. Open Road Ignition publishing partners, on average, earn 40% more on the titles in the program than they had earned without the service.

Operationally Ignition involves the use of powerful consumer outreach vehicles, direct demand stimulation, strategic and tactical pricing, consumer segmentation and personalization, content syndication, metadata and copy optimization, all executed by a team with deep marketing and data experience.

“During the past 12+ months of pandemic-related lockdowns, readers primarily sought out new content online,” Mary McAveney CRO/CMO of OR/M said. “We were extremely well-positioned to help our publishing partners take advantage of that shift in reader behavior.

“We have built a product discovery engine that serves 70+ publishing partners,” McAveney added. “Our marketing improves searchability for these titles and helps readers find books they might otherwise have missed. Our proprietary technology platform allows us to market tens of thousands of books every month. Our audiences are demanding more content, and our tactics extend that audience reach considerably.”

Open Road Ignition drives direct economic benefits: increased revenue, audience exposure, discoverability, a demonstrated “halo” effect across formats and series, and expanded readership. OR/M’s extensive, search-first content marketing showcases books and brands on its digital properties reaching 2.6 million readers monthly.

About Open Road Integrated Media

Open Road Integrated Media is a Marketing-as-a-Service company that has built a tech-enabled, data-focused platform that provides content discovery and delivers digital experiences that entertain and inform its readers. The Open Road brands include Early Bird Books, a daily eBook deals newsletter and website; The Lineup, for fans of true crime, horror, the mysterious, and the paranormal; The Portalist, for fans of science fiction, fantasy; Murder & Mayhem, for fans of mystery and thriller; The Archive, for fans of history and non-fiction; and A Love So True, for fans of romance; and  Open Road Media, a global eBook publisher whose catalog includes legendary authors such as Joan Didion, Graham Greene, William Styron, Alice Walker, Pat Conroy, Gloria Steinem, Octavia Butler, John Jakes, Pearl S. Buck, Walker Percy, and Ruth Rendell.

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