Outschool Launches Courses to Support Increased Interest in Homeschooling and Alternative Education

New Outschool Survey Shows Strong Support for Alternative Forms of Education 

SAN FRANCISCO, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Leading online learning platform, Outschool announced today the launch of Courses, new classes and features designed specifically for homeschool and alternative education families. Outschool’s Courses is designed to empower homeschooling families and power-users of Outschool to craft their own individualized education with expert teachers, unique and engaging classes, easy scheduling, and progress tracking. Outschool Courses has been created to help families put their learner’s unique educational needs first.

In a survey conducted in April of 2024 of over 1,000 parents with school-aged children across different demographics in the United States, Outschool looked at attitudes and satisfaction with traditional education models as well as the rise of alternative education or non-traditional education models such as homeschooling, online education and more personalized learning through microschools. The survey revealed insights into the evolving landscape of education post-pandemic. The survey explored parents’ aspirations for personalized learning experiences for their children as well as their concerns about traditional public and private education.

New findings show that there is surprisingly high support for alternative forms of education including nearly a third (29%) of parents supporting Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) and other state-sponsored funding to offset the cost of alternatives to public education. 37% of families supported the idea of microschools and homeschooling cooperatives that are smaller and offer individualized attention and 44% support an online schooling model.

“Since Outschool’s inception, homeschooling families and those seeking non-traditional education for their kids have been our primary users. We know that these families have unique needs from picking the right classes to creating a well-rounded curriculum to ensuring their student’s academic progress to meeting the evolving educational needs of their learner. We understand that creating a quality educational plan is time consuming and can be overwhelming. We also recognize that families choose this journey because the default path, the one-size-fits-all option, falls short of offering their learner the education they deserve. We created Courses specifically to try to make the process of pursuing homeschooling and alternative learning paths easier,” said Amir Nathoo, CEO and Co-Founder of Outschool.

Unlike traditional schools, Outschool Courses allow families to craft a custom educational journey tailored to their learner’s unique interests and learning needs. Families can hand-pick a team of expert educators who are best suited to support their learner and ensure they continue to achieve their learning goals with access to a course syllabus, standards-alignment, progress tracking, and other features. By helping families create their own “personal school experience,” families can tailor the content, learner style, and learning level across each subject.

“Courses enhances Outschool’s current class offerings by providing a more structured, yet personalized academic experience specifically for families looking to Outschool for their core educational needs. Paired with our tutoring offering, we are focused on helping families combine rigorous academic content with clear progress tracking while offering a unique blend of flexibility and competitive pricing. Courses are accessible through various payment plans that can be broken down as small as weekly installments and may qualify for public funding options like ESAs, depending on the state,” said Cara Delzer, Outschool’s Head of Supply and Partnerships.

As the education landscape continues to evolve, Outschool remains committed to empowering parents and students with diverse, flexible, and personalized learning opportunities. Classes on Outschool range from one-time classes, to ongoing social groups, one-on-one tutoring, week-long camps, and ongoing classes. Classes are offered across all subjects and for learners ranging from age 3 to 18.

For more information about Outschool or to join the team, visit Outschool.com.

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Outschool offers live and asynchronous online education experiences that connect real-life teachers with learners in small-group settings to explore everything from Minecraft, Pokemon and Cooking to Chemistry, Algebra and Literature. With over 140,000 online classes offered by teachers to learners around the globe. Outschool’s mission is to inspire kids to love learning by making education fun, social and self-directed. Classes on Outschool range from one-time enrichment lessons to semester-long core courses and weekly social clubs. Classes are offered across all subjects, and learners range from age 3 to 18. More information can be found at Outschool.com.

Survey Methodology:

The survey was conducted by research company Cint on behalf of Outschool in April, 2024 and included responses from over 1,000 parents across various demographics and geographical locations. The margin of error is +/- 3%.

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