ParentPresents Gift Generator: A Holiday Hit with Millennials and Gen Z

82% of Young Adults Approve the Idea of Using a Quiz to Find Gifts

HOBOKEN, N.J., Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, the innovative gifting media startup, is igniting a holiday frenzy with the debut of its Parent Present Gift Generator Quiz.

With an impressive 60,000 participants and counting, the Gift Generator Quiz has not only met but exceeded expectations, redefining the art of gift selection. According to Founder Matt Carlson, “Our quiz isn’t about giving you all the answers; it’s about sparking inspiration in a fun and memorable way.”

Reflecting on initial concerns, Carlson mentions data from The Harris Poll which found that 53% of Americans would be disappointed if they found out a loved one bought them a gift through AI and not their thinking. He clarifies, “Our quiz doesn’t compromise personal sentiment; it enhances it through its thought-provoking questions.” is making waves among Gen Z and Millennial shoppers in today’s tech-driven world. An Instagram poll conducted by the company uncovered that 82% of respondents from these generations embrace the concept of using a quiz to discover unique gift ideas, while only 23% expressed concerns about the quiz taking away from the thoughtfulness of the gift-giving process.

As continues to cater to the desires of its Millennial and Gen Z audience, the company remains committed to offering a modern solution to the timeless challenge of finding the perfect present. It’s not just about gifts; it’s about creating lasting memories and strengthening connections.

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About the Company: is a media outlet and gifting advisor whose mission is to save young adults time, money, and stress in the process of finding gifts for their parents. The company’s innovative platform provides a broad range of gift ideas tailored to varying budgets, interests, and occasions.