PostcardMania Debuts New Direct Mail Automation Product Featuring Daily Pre-Mover Data

CLEARWATER, Fla., Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania, the $100 million marketing technology firm with over 350 staff, has launched a new automated marketing product, Pre-Mover Daily Mailers. This marketing tool has been designed to assist businesses that want to target residents who have recently listed their homes for sale, had their home listing come under contract, and are about to move.

New movers represent a lucrative opportunity for businesses — studies show that new movers spend nearly $10,000 on average within 180 days of moving, and that they are nearly unanimous (90%) in saying they’re likely to try a new brand or company, and 88% say they’re willing to try a new service provider when moving. Research values the new mover market at $170 billion annually with over 30 million people relocating per year on average.

PostcardMania’s pre-mover automation allows businesses to get ahead of this demand and be the first to reach prospects prior to closing on their real estate contract, giving businesses an edge on their competition. Studies have repeatedly shown that timing matters in these instances, with consumers up to 78% more likely to buy from the business that contacts them first.

Pre-mover postcards are ideal for a number of different industries: moving, storage, insurance, cleaning, pest control, home inspection and home warranty as movers often relocate to new service areas.

PostcardMania’s Pre-Mover Daily Mailers offers a large advantage over similar products already on the market — and that’s bringing direct mail automation to daily pre-mover data, allowing businesses to set up the campaign once, after which it will run automatically according to their chosen programming, targeting the right prospects in the right location in a timely manner according to pre-set budgets. The campaign focuses on reaching homeowners after their homes are listed on the market and immediately after their homes go under contract.

“Direct mail automation is changing the landscape of marketing — it offers businesses both large and small more opportunities to reach prospects in record time,” said PostcardMania CEO and Founder Joy Gendusa. “Our Pre-Mover Daily Mailers are an ideal example of how new marketing technology allows businesses to make the most of their marketing budget with increased precision — targeting strictly the best, most qualified prospects at the ideal time.”

True to PostcardMania’s long-standing purpose — to help American businesses grow through marketing that is proven, results-based, and affordable — its Pre-Mover Daily Mailers will be offered at a low price of entry. Campaign size starts at 150 postcards a month thanks to PostcardMania’s extensive digital printing technology, which is capable of producing individual postcards at scale without sacrificing time or quality. As a result, PostcardMania’s pre-mover postcards cost as low as 91 cents per piece and include all addressing and mailing costs such as postage.

Additionally, every postcard is customized according to the business’s unique needs based on card size, style, and design details down to the photos, contact information and personalized data — all while abiding by PostcardMania’s unique results-based design formula, which has been devised based on the campaigns of more than 100,000 clients.

The combination of perfect timing and personal touch providers these campaigns the potential to be hugely successful for businesses.

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