PostcardMania Expands Marketing Automation; Launches Most Precise Direct Mail Retargeting Product, Website to Mailbox, After 2-Year Development

CLEARWATER, Fla., June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania launches its latest automation technology aimed at leveling the playing field between Main Street businesses and large corporations — a direct mail retargeting product dubbed "Website to Mailbox." The launch comes just two weeks after the marketing-turned-tech company’s newest division’s birth, PCM Integrations.

Direct mail retargeting emulates digital retargeting —when follow-up ads are displayed on an individual scale to website visitors — but replaces digital ads with physical direct mail that arrives in mailboxes mere days later. This physical touchpoint can make a huge difference in response; a physical mail piece in front of qualified prospects is shown to increase brand recall and memorability by 49%.

Website to Mailbox captures the IP address of anonymous website visitors and matches those visitors with a physical address. If a pairing is found, and the prospect fits the client’s predetermined qualifying factors (for example, visited a specific webpage and didn’t convert), a retargeting postcard is printed and mailed automatically within 24 hours.

If a consumer browses a retailer’s website and abandons their shopping cart, they can be targeted with a follow-up discount postcard arriving in the mail. If someone visits a local restaurant’s website and lives nearby, they could receive a postcard days later offering a free appetizer. There are thousands of applications for businesses across industries.

The launch of PostcardMania’s Website to Mailbox product comes after two years of painstaking development. At issue was the inaccuracy of existing direct mail retargeting services and PostcardMania refusing to offer its clientele a service mailing to incorrect addresses, even if they were within a house or two of the correct homes. Initial tests revealed highly inaccurate matching from competing services:

  • Provider 1: 97.92% of results were inaccurate/wrong houses
  • Provider 2: 87.5% of results were inaccurate/wrong houses
  • Provider 3: 100% of results were inaccurate/wrong houses

This led PostcardMania to dedicate their entire development team to creating their own solution that matches online identities to mailing addresses with 80% accuracy. PostcardMania’s Website to Mailbox may not be the first direct mail retargeting automation of its kind, but stands to become the most accurate.

Website to Mailbox’s automation is simple to implement and priced competitively, as low as $0.80 per piece (postage included), making it easy to adopt for any business.

PostcardMania Founder/CEO Joy Gendusa weighed in:

"What makes PostcardMania’s Mailbox to Website different from other direct mail retargeting products is not just our matching accuracy or that we print everything in-house for exceptional print quality, but also our success department. It’s an incredible resource for small businesses that has allowed us to collect, catalog and analyze over 4,000 successful campaigns. We use those insights to shape every design printed and campaign mailed. Every piece of mail that comes out of PostcardMania, whether it’s retargeted, triggered, or otherwise, is results-based supercharged for conversions."

PostcardMania’s tech-focused products have grown exponentially in recent years. Since the launch of its trigger-based direct mail products in January 2020, PostcardMania’s automation services have seen a 625% two-year growth and a 72% quarter-over-quarter growth this year.

For additional information about Website to Mailbox, reach out to PostcardMania at 1-877-436-5341 to speak with one of their trained marketing experts.

About PostcardMania:
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