PostcardMania Launches Tech-Dedicated Division, PCM Integrations, As Direct Mail Automation Demand Surges

CLEARWATER, Fla., June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania is pleased to announce the formation of a new division, PCM Integrations, borne out of surging demand for the company’s integrated print and digital solutions, hallmarked by its direct mail automation. The new division underscores PostcardMania’s transition from traditional marketing company to a marketing-technology (martech) hybrid. 

PCM (shorthand for PostcardMania) Integrations is designed to level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses often out-maneuvered by corporations with large marketing budgets and teams of dedicated specialists. The new division merges PostcardMania’s most tech-forward marketing automation solutions, such as:

  1. Direct Mail API: Built for anyone with programming knowledge, this allows CRMs (customer relationship management) and software platforms to let their users mail personalized direct mail pieces automatically, based on predetermined triggers like the time interval since the client’s last interaction.
  2. Storefront Solution: Offers franchisors and other groups a private-labeled website where direct mail pieces can be designed and ordered online, with fulfillment handled automatically by PCM Integrations, and a commission for each order paid to the franchisor or group.
  3. Zapier Integration: For any business owner using one of today’s most popular 225+ CRMs and other software platforms, this integration allows marketers with no programming knowledge to utilize Zapier to send direct mail pieces automatically based on predetermined triggers to customers and prospects.

The formation of PCM Integrations follows a surge in demand for automated direct mail, ushered in with the help of PostcardMania. Revenue growth for its automated solutions has been break-neck: they recorded a 625% two-year growth and a 72% quarter-over-quarter growth this year.

PostcardMania Founder and CEO Joy Gendusa said, "I’ve never been more excited about the future of PostcardMania. We’ve been working towards PCM Integrations for years, to give small businesses around the country the ability to run responsive, personalized campaigns affordably, at a scale that suits them and will grow with them. Before, they would have had to hire someone to continually manage all of this for them. But now, a realtor or salon owner can spend half an hour with these integrations, programming some triggers, and that campaign will run automatically, continually creating new leads and customers."

Gendusa also highlighted what differentiates PCM integrations from other "programmatic direct mail" platforms:

"Everything programmed through PCM Integrations will be delivered by PostcardMania’s existing print and delivery infrastructure, which has been perfected over the course of 23 years, 98,564 clients, and 2.3 billion printed pieces. That’s what makes PCM Integrations special — we live, breathe and guarantee the quality of our printed pieces and each template is designed based on what has brought in the best return on investment for previous clients. As business owners become more familiar with this technology and what it can do, I’m confident they’ll choose the quality guarantee and response-based designs that PostcardMania delivers daily."

PostcardMania’s next initiative takes aim at direct mail retargeting, which delivers individual follow-up mail pieces to prospects that recently visited a business’s website regardless of conversion. PostcardMania has dubbed their direct mail retargeting product Website-to-Mailbox, and it will be launched later this month.

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