PostcardMania Offers 200 Free Postcards to Salesforce Users during Beta of New Direct Mail App

CLEARWATER, Fla., Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania, the $97 million marketing technology company with over 350 staff, is seeking Salesforce users willing to beta test a new, highly anticipated, Salesforce app integration. Beta testers will be credited with 200 free postcards to use for their direct mail marketing or other business purposes, and postage is fully covered.

With PostcardMania’s direct mail integration comes an opportunity for Salesforce users to improve response and return on investment. Studies show that 87% of people consider mail to be believable compared to 48% for email, and 70% of people said that physical mail, rather than email, gave them a better impression of the company that sent it.

Using PostcardMania’s new app integration, Salesforce users will be able to target specific contacts, opportunities, leads and accounts with direct mail, as well as create custom workflows that take advantage of Salesforce’s customer intelligence to automatically trigger a postcard mailing based on any pre-programed action.

For example, users can target opportunities that stalled at any Qualification stage for a certain amount of time with a customized mailer that can be sent natively from within Salesforce with just a few clicks.

Workflows can also be established via Salesforce Flow for users familiar with automation and interested in adding the power of offline touchpoints to their customer journeys to lift response. Postcards featuring dynamic custom content can be printed, mailed and delivered to mailboxes nationwide as easily as emails are automated. Mailings can be triggered based on birthday data or Salesforce events, for example whenever a new lead becomes qualified or a new conversation prompts a fresh opportunity, or stagger mailings based on your outreach schedule and robust context. The possibilities are endless, and with advanced attribution and tracking, users can closely track mailings to fine-tune and maximize response.

PostcardMania’s beta app integration also allows users to quickly and easily select and customize postcard designs. More than 100 results-based and professionally designed postcard templates are available to choose from, with more to be added regularly. PostcardMania’s design editor is included within the app to let users customize their design’s color, style, photos and messaging. Dynamic personalization is also available down to an individual-level, ensuring recipients feel seen and heard without any extra workload.

The testing phase of PostcardMania’s Salesforce app integration will last 4 weeks (or until a user mails all of their 200 credited mailers) and include a feedback survey at the close of testing. Beta testing is an integral part of PostcardMania’s development process and user feedback will be instrumental in identifying areas for improvement and refining the overall performance, ensuring a robust and user-friendly product upon the official technology release.

Founder and CEO of PostcardMania Joy Gendusa says the app integration is a special milestone in PostcardMania’s commitment to bringing user-friendly and effective direct mail technology to business owners and marketers without hefty onboarding and tech fees.

“We always want to provide the very best experience possible for our clients, Gendusa said. “Not only are we offering this powerful and easy-to-use technology to any Salesforce user, but we are also launching it without any startup fees. This will make direct mail marketing simple, fast, effective and affordable for business owners everywhere.”

Salesforce users interested in signing up for PostcardMania’s beta test and claiming 200 free postcards should email
 with “salesforce beta test” in the subject line. Testers will be chosen over the course of the next few weeks and contacted individually upon selection with further instructions.

For additional information or to schedule an interview with Joy Gendusa, contact Jessica Lalau at 888-338-6409 or

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